Top 10 Trending DIY Project Ideas for 2017 You Must Try In Your Home!


If you’re the DIY or the crafty type, then you like making something unique and special in your free time. Here are ten awesome DIY project ideas to embellish your home.

  1. Upside-Down Tomato Planter

Don’t throw away your plastic soda bottles! Cut off the bottom and carefully place a tomato, herb or pepper seedling inside. After that, add the soil and hang it up. Don’t forget to water your seedlings daily.

  1. DIY live-edge coffee table

Tree slices provide the pattern and organic edges needed for statement furniture such as church chairs. Knowing that, you can now create your DIY live-edge coffee table without spending a large amount of money.

3. DIY Shoe Hanger

Are you freaking out because your shoes are everywhere in your room? Are those shoes being everywhere making your life miserable and messy because you don’t have enough storage for them? You can remedy that situation with this brilliant hack. Make your old clothes hanger into a cute little shoe hanger.

  1. DIY Bar Tray

When the weather is less forgiving, saying goodbye to nights out by beautifying your home bar becomes more appealing. Since buying a bar cart can be too expensive, why not try to create a DIY bar tray that looks like the real thing?

  1. Boho Wall Hanging

Woven Wall hanging is turning out to be the go-to art for the boho lovers out there. While the big ones will require you spend hundreds or thousands of bucks, making a small one can reduce that cost.

  1. Tabletop Twigscape

Make a mini forest to decorate your table. All you need to do is add tree-like twigs along the edge of a stream bed of pebbles that runs down the middle of a piece of redwood.

  1. Striking Console Table

Adding character to your entryway with a lovely console table doesn’t have to break the bank. Wood tiles work perfectly to make your console’s shelf beautiful.

  1. String Lanterns

Your Holiday vacation is the perfect time to create a stylish string-globe lantern. All you need is cornstarch, twine, spray paint, glue and balloons. It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. DIY Woven Shades

If you have ever gotten a quote to install a custom blind you know it’s quite costly. Rather than spending your savings on every window, just learn how to cut down properly woven window shades. Its textural look will perfectly fit your home’s atmosphere. Home sweet home!

  1. Geometry Paint Pattern

Are you planning to repaint your room? Geometry patterns are bolder than wallpaper and allow you to use your imagination. With just one template, you can make up to four unique looks.

Before you start tossing out the old, unused items in your home take a look at these DIY projects that may change your mind. You may learn that the useless stuff scattered around your home can be recycled into a masterpiece.

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