5 Great DIY Projects You Can Do In a Weekend


Want to spruce up your home? A lot of us look at glossy magazines, cable channels, and meticulously managed Instagram feeds, and think, “I’d love to live in that home! But I don’t have the money.” We’re going to share a secret with you: To live in a beautiful home, you need only a little ingenuity and a little time. Here are five do-it-yourself projects that you can do in a weekend. Getting Instagram-ready has never been so easy.

Build a Firepit

Who doesn’t love sitting around a warm fire on a cool evening, roasting marshmallows until crispy golden? A firepit gives you the excuse to stack some logs and add a little bit of glow to a midsummer celebration. Furthermore, a firepit allows you to control fires easily, which makes your potential backyard burns safer. A pit can be constructed from raw stone, cinder blocks, or bricks, which means that almost anybody can build one, whether you are an experienced weekend mason, or just have the ability to stack a few rocks. Check out The Family Handyman’s guide to building a brick and mortar pit.

Make a Pallet Bed Frame

Pallets make a fantastic DIY material. Not only are they cheap (and often free), you have the satisfaction of having used recycled materials in your project. Furthermore, they have a natural, “modern rustic” look that is very much in style. Pallet-enthusiast websites (yes, they exist) have assembled hundreds of design ideas for pallet bed frames, with the openings under the beds used for shoe, book, and box storage. Many of the surrounding environs are heavy on the hanging Edison bulb aesthetic, but dig deeper and you’ll find that pallet bed frames fit in with every interior design style from dorm room to exotica.

Restore Your Worn Furniture

Next time you’re at a flea market or yard sale, take a look at the furniture on display. Try to count the number of beautiful old pieces for sale that people are trying to get rid of because of a scuffed leg or worn-out surface. Re-varnishing furniture is easy, and well within your capabilities even if you’re not a master woodworker. The hardest part is getting the old varnish off. You may have to sandblast it, or even use an abrasive blast cabinet. But once that is done, your piece is ready for whatever beautiful varnish you want to apply. Re-varnishing your furniture is a way to fill your house with classic style, and beautifully executed.

Swap Your Knobs

Often overlooked, frequently used, and easily replaced, door knobs and drawer pulls are one of those personal touches that can completely change the feel of a house. Changing door knobs is easy, changing drawer pulls, even easier, but both fixtures are so commonplace that we often don’t notice them, and therefore don’t take the time to consider how our houses might look if they were changed. However, nearly every antique store has a drawer full of knobs and pulls, many of which are so well-crafted that they could be considered objets d’art. The same goes for drawer-pulls in your kitchen, on your medicine cabinets, and for your dresser. Right now, most of your knobs are probably designed for utility. Utility is important, but isn’t it better to live in a house that is beautiful, as well as practical?

Pretty Up Your Windows

When we conjure a mental image of a quaint house, we probably all picture a few things: a pointed roof, some red shutters, a little chimney with smoke spiraling from the top, and some flower-laden window boxes. If you rent an apartment, or live in a small house, maybe you can’t have all of these things, but the last item on that list? Window boxes? They’re definitely in your reach. Interior flower boxes are small, easy to build, and, using them, you can grow a diverse array of plants, from succulents to air plants to herbs to violets. They are an easy way to add some life to your window panes.

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