What to Do About a Clogged Toilet


There might not be anything more dreadful than a clogged toilet. If you have a toilet that is either always clogging or tends to clog up, you should have an action plan. Whether you feel like you can fix it yourself via troubleshooting or need to contact a plumber, you should probably do something.

Diagnosing the Problem

In some cases, the reason a toilet gets clogged is because the user is discarding too much bath tissue at once. This can be a problem, especially for old pipes. A way to diagnose the problem is simply to discard the bath tissue split up into several rounds of flushing or simply use less. If you notice that the problem goes away after testing this method, this was likely the problem all along.

However, in some instances the toilet can clog simply because the pipes are old and thin and cannot keep up with the water pressure, and thus become sluggish and unable to drain correctly. If you think this might be the problem, you’re going to want to find a plumber right away to come inspect your bathroom.

Get an Inspection

There are several options when it comes to finding Maidstone plumbers, but it’s important that you get someone with experience. You will want the results of the inspection to be able to determine the source of the problem so that you can find a solution.

When the inspection is complete, the plumber will most likely give you a quote for the cost to fix the problem. Because toilets are extremely important, you should probably allow the plumber to fix the problem, especially if the issue is with the pipes and not a user error. In this way, you’ll be able to feel relieved knowing that you won’t have to worry anymore about a clogged toilet.


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