A Guide to Dealing With Wasps.


Due to global warming and the strange changes in our weather patterns, insects are increasing in numbers quite quickly and insects like wasps are not something you want hanging around your home or business in great numbers. When a typical UK Winter comes around, just because you don’t see the wasps doesn’t mean that they have all died. Adult insects do not die out and because of our increasing temperatures in the UK recently, this allows the breeding season to lengthen. It is important to learn about wasps and how to deal with them and learn about how to get rid of wasps the natural way.

Stay Calm

If you have a lot of wasps around your house, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing and they are not an immediate danger to you or your family. You just need to know how to conduct yourself around them and so you must not run from them, starting screaming like a girl when they come around you and not start waving your hands erratically in the air trying to swat them. If you do any of these, it is very likely you will irritate the wasps and they may sting you. If you are the kind of person who cannot relax around wasps then maybe it’s best to call out the experts like Mr Wasp, who know how to safely deal with these insects.

A Positive Thing

If, in the event that you do swat a wasp and kill it, the insect itself releases a chemical called pheromones, that alerts the other wasps to what you have just done. The others sense this and they all come to help and at that point you may be in a lot of trouble. That is why it is important not to upset the wasps or start attacking them. Try to be calm around them and if you must try to move them on, do it at night when they are much calmer. Remember, wasps can be good for your garden and they do kill off pests  that are maybe chewing into your vegetables, and wasps are also pollinators.

Proper Identification

Before deciding to remove them, check whether or not they are actually wasps. Some people get confused between them and the bees and you need to be sure exactly what they are. Bees are now protected in the UK due to the fact that they are fantastic pollinators and we can’t do without them. Dealing with a number of bees is a completely different method to that of wasps, and so you must be sure. Maybe contact a local bee keeper who will be glad to move them for you free of charge and take care of them. Most people now like to have bees around. Not just for the honey but because we need to protect them from extinction.

There are many natural approaches that you can use to remove wasps from your home and you should try some of them to see which ones work best. In all cases, try to use the natural approach to removing them.

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