All you need to Know about Suar Wood


Are you looking for decent hardware furniture for your house? Then make sure you buy furniture that is made of good wood such as Suar wood. What is Suar Wood? Someone may ask. Suar wood also goes by the name Samanea Saman. The wood originated in South America in countries such as Peru, Brazil, and South Mexico. Over the years, Suar Wood has been popular in the south. The cultivation of Suar Wood has also been practiced in Asian countries such as Singapore.

Suar Wood Singapore has been used to build furnishings such as console tables, dinner tables, benches, chests, and mirror frame. Other Asian countries that have also benefited from the use of Suar Wood include countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia. This is one of the most durable and affordable woods that most people use to make their furniture.
Suar wood comes from a big tree that has a large symmetrical crown. The height of the tree can reach up to around 25m while the diameter can be up to 40cm. The tree’s habitat is mainly in the field and the forest. Some suar wood trees may also grow along the highway. The demand for this type of wood is high both locally and internationally; this is because the cultivation of the tree is easy and can be found anywhere.
Different furniture manufacturers use this wood for different purposes. Apart from the making of home furniture, some manufacturers use suar wood when sculpting, structuring, and carving the furniture. This is why it has been categorized as hardwood and has been chosen by many people. The hardness of the wood offers durability and sturdiness. It is easier to grow this type of wood in new environments— it grows faster than any other kind of hardwood.
Something worth noting about suar wood is the fact that it features different colors in each of its layers. Different trees in the forest are known to claim unique course textures, the ribbon-like figures of the wood are artistic and naturally stunning. This is the main reason why many sculpturists prefer using the suar wood in making their sculptures.
Before suar wood becomes furniture, it first needs to be kiln-dried. This dried hardwood of sugar is durable and incredibly sturdy. Regarding quality, many people compare suar wood with Black Walnut. Suar wood, however, costs less than Black Walnut. On the other hand, suar wood is sometimes used as a replacement for Mahogany; this is due to its competitive price in the market.
Under proper care and maintenance, the suar wood Singapore furniture will last longer as compared to furniture that is from other hardwood. Due to its durability, you get to use your lovely furniture for long periods of time. Maintenance of furniture made from suar wood is easy. To maintain the wood regularly use mild wood oil and soft cloths. The wood is beautiful, and if kept well it will always appear like new. If you are interested in buying any durable furniture at a low cost, suar wood is what you should be looking for.

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