Tips paint a room in five very easy steps!


To complete your project with ease, the key is to follow the steps below in order.


Tip: Start at the ceiling, then continue with the walls.

Step 1. Clean the ceiling and walls
Remove dirt, dust and grease stains (which can spoil the uniformity of finish), a mild dish detergent and a cellulose scraper. Wash away the ceiling and walls with water.

Step 2. Perform Cutting Edge
Starting from a corner of the room, performing cutting by applying a paint strip width of 7 cm along the edge of the wall and ceiling by means of a brush cut to 5 cm to 6 cm.

Cut a section at a time, alternating between cutting and application of the paint on the ceiling in order to maintain a wet edge to prevent the demarcation lines between dcoupées surfaces and the rest of the ceiling.

Step 3. Apply the paint on the ceiling
Before starting to paint the ceiling, remove the excess paint on the roller by rolling back and forth on the grid of the paint tray.

Start with a corner of the room, passing the cutting roller on the ceiling made previously. Apply the paint in the width direction of the ceiling and be sure to handle the roll side, not in front of you to avoid strain your neck and back.

Step 4. Apply the paint on the walls
Where the ceiling is dry, go back to where you started. Use a brush to carefully cut along the edge of the wall and ceiling paint by applying a strip of 5 cm to 7 cm wide around windows, doors and moldings. Once the cutting of a completed full wall, using a roller to coat the remaining surface.

For efficiency, start at the corner of a wall and apply paint zigzag sections of one square meter, then filling within the pattern . Go to the end of each section, taking care not to paint only one  wall at one  turn.

Step 5. Apply the paint on the moldings
After drying the walls , paste blue painter’s tape on the surface between the wall and trim, and apply the paint on moldings, baseboards and door and window  by  a brush angle of 5 cm. Perform a movement up and down in order to eliminate all the scenes. Apply the paint to the last baseboards.

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