Shower doors Expand the Bathroom


Shower doors are doors that you place in the bathroom to separate the space of the shower from the rest of the bathroom. Shower doors give your bathroom the look and style. They are usually made ​​of tempered glass for added safety. This type of glass is often used for the walls and shower stalls and is ideal for use in the bathroom.


Shower doors of all sizes

Shower doors come in all forms and in all sizes . When choosing a shower door, shower in your bathroom – unlike shower enclosures – has no fixed size. Shower cabins are usually available in standard sizes of 90 x 90 cm, 100 x 100 cm or 90 x 120 cm. If you have a bathroom with an alcove, a shower door will release a larger room.

Shower doors: sliding doors, Hinged or pivoted

The advantage of a clear glass door shower is that your bathroom is gaining space. So the shower door is an ideal solution for small bathrooms. You can choose from different styles and sizes: sliding doors, Hinged or pivoted. With a revolving door, you can choose a Frameless door, so as not to see that the hinge and glass. The result is very sleek and stylish.

Profiles of different colors

A shower door is usually fixed by two hinges. However, some doors are available with an aluminum frame on which is mounted a sliding door. You can also install a shower door with a beautiful pattern on the glass. Finally, the profiles can be achieved in different ways: chrome, silver, matt silver or white.

Shower doors are easy to care

Shower doors do not require much maintenance, since they are similar to removable shower screens. Limestone, dirt or soap traces are fairly easy to clean. Also, shower doors today have a special coating that ensures that dirt and lime scale slower clings to the surface. Shower doors are even easier to maintain. In addition, today they have less glass surface and profiles, which reduces a bit more cleaning work. Be sure to clean the glass, so as to avoid limestone deposits and always have a radiant glass.

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