Tips For DIY Beginners Learning To Weld


When it comes to welding metal, most people leave that job in the hands of a professional. But, there are plenty of DIY enthusiasts who like to improve on their construction skills, and welding is just another art form they are anxious to master. Welding may seem intimidating but once you take the proper precautions you should safely be able to work at home.

Safety > As mentioned above, the most important thing to consider when starting to learn a new skill such as welding is safety, this must be paramount. Welding tools are highly dangerous because they must generate intense heat for users to be able to bond metal together. Before you even consider learning to weld, you must take every precaution necessary, that means educating yourself on what is needed to protect yourself when welding. There are many good quality companies who specialise in welding in the midlands, if you’d like to know more about this skill, you can always visit a store and speak to a company representative. They’ll be able to recommend the best equipment for a beginner, you should exit the store with items such as:

  • Safety Glasses
  • Welding Gloves
  • Industry Approved Welding Helmet
  • Fire Resistant Clothing (Usually in the form of jacket)

If you plan on welding at home, you must find a secure area where no one can access unless authorised, this is especially important when you have children in your property.

Start with Basic Procedures & Models > When buying a welding product, it makes sense to start at the bottom and gradually work your way up. If you’ve no knowledge of weld processes such as TIG or MIG, don’t let it put you off, the Internet is an excellent source of information when it comes to improving your knowledge of welding tools and procedures.

Beginners usually start with wire welding, wire is moved through a gun, which eliminates constant stop and start disturbances, this process can make welding very difficult for a novice, but having a constant feed makes it much easier for an unskilled welder to design a good looking joint. Wire welding is a lot quicker and more cost effective when it comes to learning how to weld for beginners.

Select an Easy to Use Machine > It is vital to select a machine which has a user-friendly interface, starting out will be difficult and you’ll need an item that is intuitive. As a novice, you’ll be focused on the metal while welding, you won’t have the skill required to manipulate welding settings as you work, so it is important to have a machine that provides assistance. You should purchase a machine with logical steps, not something that is too complicated.

If you are really interested in learning to weld, the process is hugely rewarding once you’ve reached a certain skill level. It doesn’t have to be intimidating if you purchase the right type of safety equipment from a recognised welding supplier. Just remember to select a good machine and find a quiet area to hone your skills without interruption.

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