5 Reasons to Choose Aluminium Cladding


When selecting a cladding for your building project, the sheer volume of choice can be overwhelming. Although price is always a key consideration when planning a project, with cladding in particular it is equally important to get the right look. This component makes up one of the most visible features of any building, so it is essential that it is aesthetically pleasing as well as affordable. Some of the most common materials used for wall cladding include copper, aluminium, stainless steel, zinc and titanium. Whilst each of these metals offer their own benefits for construction and for aesthetics, aluminium is fast becoming the most popular cladding material, and for good reason. Here are just a few of the benefits of using aluminium cladding for your project.

  1. Sustainable – Aluminium wall cladding is sustainable on a number of counts. Firstly, it lasts for a long time due to its corrosion-resistant oxide coating, which protects it against any effects of weathering, such as rust. This means that it remains intact for many decades, which not only lowers your upkeep costs but also ensures that your building keeps it look over time. As aluminium is completely recyclable, it is also sustainable on the environmental front. The re-smelting of aluminium takes very little energy and does not detriment the quality of the metal at all, which means you can use recycled metal for your project with confidence.
  2. Flexible – With its low melting point, aluminium is one of the easiest metals to shape and bend. This makes it a simple metal to work with, which in return means that the construction costs will be reduced. It is also particularly beneficial for structures which consist of awkward or unusual shapes, such as curves or 3D surface textures. Its malleability makes it a great option for unique patterns and cladding techniques, which can create a striking contemporary look. This versatility means it is a top choice for creative architects who tend to stray from tradition in their designs.
  3. Affordable – As one of the most affordable metals on the market, it’s easy to see why it’s becoming a top choice over traditional cladding materials. Without compromising on quality, you can save a lot of money on your project. It also has a high UV resistance, meaning that it will help save money on heating and air con bills in the long run due to its ability to insulate.
  4. Lightweight – Aluminium is an incredibly lightweight metal compared to its counterparts. With steel weighing in at around three times heavier than aluminium, it’s easy to see why builders favour working with the latter. In simple terms of transportation and installation it is infinitely easier to work with as a result of its weight.
  5. Easy to Source – As one of the most used metals in the world, aluminium is easy to source in a number of different shapes and sizes. It can also be found in many different finishes, which means that it is suitable for a number of looks and styles.

With so many benefits, it’s easy to see why aluminium is getting to be the most popular choice for cladding. It is both easy on the budget and on the eye, making it the ideal material for any project.

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