A Stellar Guide To Buy Perfect Changing Tables


During early months, you’ll need to change your baby’s diapers almost 15 times a day. Enhance your diaper duty and make it simple by just buying a Changing table. If you’re not preferring to change your baby’s diaper on the floor, changing table can help you out. Not only for changing the diapers, it is very useful storing daily requirements of your baby. The right changing table can provide you a safe, convenient and comfortable way for perfectly changing your baby clothes and diapers.

There are many benefits of a changing table. Changing tables have baskets, shelves and drawers where you can easily store most of the baby essentials like wipes, dipers, rash ointments, a toy or two to keep your baby busy. Changing tables with barriers on all the four sides and a safety strap is the safest option to go for. You can explore a myriad collection of changing tables, strollers, baby change table with drawers and many other baby essentials only on Baby-Direct online store.

The changing tables do not vary much in sizes, features or usage, but they offer choices such as having open shelves, closed cabinets or drawers. It is advised to follow the general guidance provided here to choose the best changing table. The three-shelf changing table is less expensive and covers very less space to accommodate but once your baby out pasts diapers, it will not likely be used. Moreover, your toddler may climb up easily. So, buy a table that suits your budget and works well in different ways even if your baby grows up.

baby change table with drawers

Look Out for these Features :

Don’t miss out these things when you buy a changing table for your baby.

A Guardrail : The top space of the shelf should have enough room to keep the extra supplies easily accessible. Moreover, it should have atleast 2 inches high railing on all the sides to prevent your child from falling down.

Sturdiness : It is very important factor that the table should be sturdy enough to stand erect. It should have stable legs and you can check that by shaking the table.

Storage : A handy place where you can store diapers, wipes and creams. Remember, the cabinets and drawers give you enough storage space. So, choose the one that compensates for the lack of storage in your room. It should not take your eyes off your baby to access these items.

Changing Pads : The height of the table should be tall enough for you to be comfortable. Especially if you have back problems. Consider a table where you don’t need to change the baby position every now & then and your baby is facing you.

Versatility : Once your baby is done with diapers, these changing tables can be used to store toys, dresses or blankets. The table with drawers, shelves and cabinets can be used until it is well-made even if your child grows up.

So, these were some handy features to look for in a perfect changing table. Besides, you need to take into account some safety measures to make sure your baby is safe and secured. The safety strap is a helpful aid, but never leave your baby alone or unattended on a changing table or any elevated surface for even a single moment. A baby may roll or flip I just fraction of seconds, so keep one hand on or right near your baby to avoid some serious injuries.

What would be the Cost of a changing table : Generally, changing tables cost between $60 to $200. When you go for a combination dresser and changing table, it costs around $200 to $500 onward. The cost of the changing table depends on the size, design and materials. There are foam changing pads available between $20 to $40 and the silicone pads are the most popular ones that cost $99 in the market.

I hope this guide would be truly beneficial to the expectant mothers and everyone who’s looking for buying a changing table for personal use or for gifting at the baby showers.

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