Selecting the Best Window Covering for Your Home


Venetian blinds are a classic in window design. These are vertical slats that can be tilted to completely block out the light, or remain a little open. Because of the way Venetian blinds function, at certain angles it is possible to see out, without anyone being able to see in. There is no doubt that this is one reason why they are so popular. But there are also many other benefits of installing some Venetian blinds to cover your windows, and here are just some.

  • Design Neutrality

Venetian blinds are common in many office buildings, but are increasingly popular in the home. They provide a simple and modern look, meaning they can be installed into any room without shifting focus away from the overall design. The blinds are very neutral in their design.Metallic aluminium slats suit the look and feel of kitchens, whilst bamboo slats are warm and inviting for bedrooms.

  • Simplicity

Unlike other types of custom shades or blinds, venetian blinds have a very simple mechanism and are very easy to operate and maintain. They are also easy to keep clean, as all you need to do is wipe the slats down occasionally with a damp cloth. Metal blinds are very popular in kitchens where grease can build up because it’s easy to wipe them down. Aluminium Venetians in Newcastle upon Tyne houses are currently the most popular type of window covering in kitchens, mostly because they are incredibly easy to keep clean.

  • Control the Atmosphere

Venetians are considered to be the most versatile window coverings available, and that’s what makes them so attractive. You can see Venetians everywhere, in shops and offices, and increasingly more so in the home. One of the widest benefits is that you can completely control how much light is allowed to enter a room by simply adjusting the angles of the blades. The angles can be adjusted using the string mechanism, and it’s very easy to operate. The blades, or slats, can be twisted to go anywhere from being fully open to completely closed. You can choose how much light you want to let into the room depending on the time of day. Using the same mechanism in the same way, these blinds also offer a lot of privacy, even when they are partially open. This makes them a good balance between letting light in and still keeping things private.

Venetian blinds are a design classic. They are so easily adjusted to allow light in, yet still keep privacy, that they are probably the most popular type of window blinds. They are very easy to operate, maintain, and keep clean. They will also go in any room because they are very neutral in design, albeit they are most popular in kitchens and bathrooms. Adding Venetians to windows around the home will certainly add a lot of functionality that you may currently be missing.

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