All You Need to Know about Sewer Line Repair and Maintenance


Most people can handle minor drain cleaning and maintenance tasks on their own, but it is important to call in a professional to deal with a sewer line repair and other more tedious plumbing tasks. The reason is that any error in replacement or repair could lead to more leaks, clogging, and sewage back up, which will be even more time-consuming and expensive to fix.

The cost to repair a sewer line can go up very quickly depending on how serious the issue is. Sometimes, it could be as high as $2,449, but you can have most issues fixed by spending anywhere around $1,039. However, considering the high cost of sewer line repair, many people think if they should consider other possible alternatives. The best thing is to take action the moment you notice any signs of clogged sewer pipe. For instance:

  • Know that you are going to face a serious plumbing issue any time soon when you hear a gurgling or bubbling sound coming from your toilet. Itsually happens when there is some blockage in the gas venting system. It could be due to solids or something else.
  • You may have a clogged sewer pipe relining cost if you notice slow-flowing drains. This could be the result of any non-biodegradable product clogging the drainage system. Some of the most common culprits are paint, grease, oil, hair, bulky paper products, soap scum, and skin.
  • You may soon have to hire someone to check the sewer line if you notice the smell of rotting food near your kitchen drains. It indicates a buildup of fat, food, and other dunk.

Sometimes, you need to pay immediate attention to the sewer line because of certain serious issues. A broken sewer main is one such issue. It could be the result of so many underlying problems, but if left unchecked, it can lead to cracked or broken sections of drainpipes. Here are some signs suggesting that you may have a broken sewer main.

  • You may have a broken sewer main if you notice backup of sewage in the basement or toilet. Persistent clogging of drains indicates the same.
    You may have damaged seals at pipe joints if your water/sewer bills are higher than normal.
  • You may have a broken sewer main in case you notice sulfur smell, which indicates a buildup of sulfide gas resulting from decomposing waste.
  • You may have an issue when you notice excessive water in one location around the home and especially within the yard, which could be due to tree roots penetrating the pipes.

There can be many other signs suggesting that you should call in a professional to avoid making things worse. A timely repair can save you from spending thousands of dollars later. You can certainly ignore the issue for a while, but it will eventually go out of hand and require serious repair work. So, be sure to never ignore these signs and have your sewer line maintained properly.

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