Create More Space in Your Bedroom by Opting for Sliding Door Wardrobes


Wardrobes are an integral part of any home. If you are looking for beautiful wardrobe ideas for your new home, then you might want to have a look at bespoke fitted wardrobes. Recently, built-in wardrobes have become extremely popular amongst customers due to its easy maintenance and storage space.

Why choose Fitted Wardrobes?

Many people often prefer to go for freestanding wardrobes as it is easy to take with you when you whenever you decide to move homes. The downside of a free-standing wardrobe, however, is that they occupy a lot of space; thereby making your bedroom look very overcrowded.

Fitted wardrobes are a great investment and though you might not be able to move them when shifting houses, it can add significant value to your home for whenever you do decide to sell. If you are a shopaholic, owning ample amounts of clothing, but have no space to store them, then a fitted wardrobe is the answer to your storage needs. They are so versatile that they can even be designed to fit into any awkward corner or sloped ceiling.

Hinged Doors vs Sliding Doors

Hinged doors open outwards into the room, thereby taking up more space. However, sliding wardrobes slide from side to side whilst creating a stunning, contemporary style statement in your bedroom.

Choosing the Right Sliding Doors for your Wardrobes

Now that you have decided to go for sliding doors, there are a few things that you might want to take into consideration when installing them.

  •    Sliding doors need to match with the aesthetics of your bedroom
  •    The colour and theme should complement with your bedroom colours
  •    Inspect the rollers, tracks and door frames to ensure that they slide easily and are in working order

When you are opting for fitted wardrobes, ensure that you have a rough budget in mind. You can then call up bespoke fitted furniture companies; enquire about the options they have and design your wardrobe accordingly. You can even ask for their guidance and solutions for any ideas you may have. It’s always best to go for a competent company that will overlook the entire project from design to installation.

Bespoke fitted sliding wardrobes allow space for additional racks, hanging rails and drawers, depending on your needs and preferences. These options make it easier to store your clothes in a neat and orderly manner.


Create the perfect blend of style and sophistication by choosing fitted sliding door wardrobes.

A good tip is to go for a soothing, subtle colour theme that gives off a relaxing and calm atmosphere to your bedroom after a tiring day at work.

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