The Benefits of Bespoke French Doors


French doors are doors that are made mostly out of glass. Typically, they’re made of several different panes of glass held together within a wooden framework. They are double doors that swing open in the middle, where they meet. Usually, they feature extra side panels that are made mostly of glass as well.

French doors are popular in many different applications: they’re popular for patios as well as for front doors. They’re great because they allow a lot of light while still providing enough wood and other material to block heat from entering the house.

Thermal Bridging

The thermal bridging and heating effects of a French door are the first benefits you’ll experience. A thermal bridge is any place in your home that allows more heat to pass through than the surroundings do. Thus, your windows will be a thermal bridge because they allow more heat transfer than the surrounding walls. However, it’s not as clear cut with French doors.

French doors consist of a lot of glass, which means that they’ll allow a lot of light and heat to transfer, however, wooden French doors in Walsall are typically made with dozens of different panes of glass. Each pane is held in the door by a wooden frame. That wooden frame serves two purposes.

The first purpose of the wooden frame is to absorb a lot of the heat, so the actual glass might allow thermal bridging, but the wood absorbs most of that heat. Secondly, the magnifying effect of the glass is minimised by the inclusion of the wooden framework. The wooden framework breaks up the ubiquity of the glass and reduces the magnification of the light.

Energy Savings

So, French doors will not transfer heat as readily as a standard window might. That means that you will be able to keep your blinds open during the day with very minimal heat transfer. That minimal heat transfer with maximal light means that you don’t have to turn on artificial lights until the sun goes down. The typical electric light bulb only costs a few pence to run every day, but if you have dozens of them throughout your house, that can make a significant difference.

With French doors, you could save a pound or two on your electrical bill every day. That could add up to a decent amount of savings. Furthermore, you’ll be able to open the actual doors during the more comfortable times of the day. If you open up the large doors while the weather outside is still comfortable, you will be able to maintain a comfortable temperature for free. Your air conditioner or heater costs hundreds of pounds to run every year. Cutting down on running it will save you a significant amount of money.

There are many more benefits to owning French doors, these are just a few of the most common. The doors will be attractive additions to your home that will allow you to save money on your heating and cooling costs while also allowing in maximal light.

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