Strategies for Organizing the Yard


The back yard is an area of the home that can serve many purposes. Your kids can run and play games, you can enjoy a BBQ with the family, or you can sit on a chair and relax while reading a book or listening to the sounds of nature. No matter what you do in your back yard, there are a few organizational techniques that you can use so that it doesn’t look cluttered and unattended. 

Lawn Tools

From the rake to the spade to the Flexogen garden hoses that you use in the flower garden, these items can make the yard appear unorganized.. They can also pose a danger to people walking or running through the yard if they aren’t seen. You can get a box to put next to the side of the house that looks like a decorative addition but is really a storage container. Some outdoor boxes have a small hole on one side so that you can thread a water hose through, keeping the hose out of sight at all times. The boxes come in all sizes and designs depending on how much you want to store. 

Storage Sheds
If you have several items that you want to store at one time, then consider getting a shed from companies like Timberline Barns. There are numerous sizes available and many designs to choose from, allowing you to find something that matches the exterior of the home while offering the function that you need. Sheds can be used for storing everything from lawn mowers to the bikes and other toys that kids leave in the yard. You can attach a ramp to the door of the shed or barn to make it easier to get items in and out of the building. 

Make Zones
Keep everything in one place by making zones in the yard. This will make it easy to keep everyone’s belongings where they need to be at in the yard instead of invading everyone’s space. Create an area where children can play with a swing set or goals to play with balls. Another area might be for gardening supplies so that you can beautify the yard. The shed and larger pieces that take over should be in a different zone so that they aren’t in the way of everything else. Look at what each person in the family enjoys doing to better design the zones. 

Storage Shelves
If you have a smaller yard but a patio or deck that is a decent size, then use shelves for your plants and other items that need a place to stay. Organize the shelves based on what is on them, such as garden tools, potted plants or even beach towels that would normally be hung over the rail. You can also add a few decorative pieces on the shelves if you have outdoor furniture on the deck or patio. This will make the environment feel relaxing and like it’s an extension of the home instead of just another addition that is left unattended.

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