Our 8 tips to redo your bath room


In most medium sized homes, the renovation of the bathroom as labor, time and money to redo a larger bathroom.

Being one of the smallest rooms in your home and a box shape in general, there is not much extra space to explore. So every inch must be examined carefully.

This is because the showers, toilets, fixtures and faucets of the bathroom are generally well integrated into a finite space and there comes a point where nothing can be resized.

Conversely, a modern kitchen with its open concept, is more likely to accept changes, both in the design and floor.

So if you want to redo your bathroom so it appears larger or more beautiful, there are some questions you should ask yourself first:

  • Should I cut part of a bedroom, living room, closet, etc. ?
  • Should I re vanity, shower or bath smaller?
  • Do I need to change or improve the area without major update?

Here are 8 tips to redo your bath room without having to replace the integral parts or important foundation

Our 8 tips to redo your bath room

  Remove the clutter. You cannot get a good evaluation of the available space, unless you can see it completely. Remove the shower curtains, curtains in the windows, the accessories on the floor, baskets, towels, vanity, and things on the shelves. Now you have a good point to see what you can do.

   What is your budget? A bathroom, like a kitchen, can easily exceed the allocated budget, so you need to know exactly how much you can afford. This is good starting point for your project.

   What can you keep it? If your toilet is running and the color is not disturbing for your new bathroom decoration, so why not keep it? Sometimes you just need a new home or a new flush mechanism. Sometimes it just takes a bit of paint or a new coat for vanity. Probably your shower or bath is in good condition and could be redone with a simple change of sealant.

   The floor of the bathroom. The coating or the floor of your bathroom is very important because of the water on the surface and moist air. The bathrooms are built somewhat like large tanks to seal water and moisture, and prevent the floors and lower walls to be soaked to finally begin to rot. A good quality linoleum or ceramic must be considered. Carefully check the soil for signs of rot.

   Paint your room bath.:One of the easiest ways to beautify your bathroom is to paint it a different color. Even if you keep the same color, you can add a new coat for shine and novelty. Choose a light color and remember to put the new wall ornaments that could create a new pattern.

   Lighting the bathroom. Lighting is another way to turn your bathroom into a cool and relaxing inexpensively. A new arrangement will provide a new instant light look. Spend time looking for new fixtures in specialty stores all within your budget.

   Accessories. Just as in a kitchen, the accessories can create a beautiful look of your room without spending too much. By replacing the sink, faucets, towels, toilet paper holder and vanity, you can radically transform your bathroom.

   Ventilation. If you have sealed your bathroom against moisture with a new floor, it would be wise to spend a few more dollars to purchase a great ceiling fan. Without a good quality fan, the humidity can possibly fit under the paint, the doors can be deformed and do not close properly. Mold can start to appear.

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