Design Tips for the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen


What not welcome warm, sunny Florida weather with a new outdoor kitchen where you can entertain family and friends. It will provide a great way to enjoy backyard cookouts, family pool parties, or romantic dinners. With proper planning and professional design tips, you can build a beautiful outdoor kitchen that your family will love.

Choose the Right Location

If your home has a deck or patio that’s attached to the house, it’s best to locate your outdoor kitchen on the deck or patio area. Building the kitchen on the deck or patio will allow you easy access to the house, as well as the indoor kitchen. You may discover that you need to prep and cook in both kitchens if you’re throwing a big party with lots of food. Family cookouts and special events often include a lot of guests, so two kitchens can come in handy.

By locating your outdoor kitchen adjacent to the house, preparing, cooking, and serving food will be easier and more convenient. It will also make cleanup easier and faster. If you don’t have an existing deck or patio, choose a backyard location with easy access to the house, then install walkways or pathways for guest between the two areas.

Decide How You Want to Use Your Kitchen

When designing your outdoor kitchen, first determine your wants and needs, and how often you will use your kitchen. Would you enjoy entertaining large groups of friends? Do you prefer small intimate settings? Will your kids enjoy family dinners outdoors? Planning the size and equipment for your kitchen will depend on intended use. Luxury Outdoor Kitchens in South Florida usually include a gas grill with side burners, a compact refrigerator, a wine cooler, warming drawers, storage compartments, and a trash bin. Many people also add griddles, pizza ovens, beer kegerators, sinks, and ice makers.

Plan For Utilities

When you build your outdoor kitchen, you will need to plan for utilities like electrical outlets, a gas line, and a water line. All outdoor outlets must be grounded for safety. If you want a gas grill, you will need to connect the grill to your existing gas line. If you build your kitchen in a more remote backyard location, you may have to install a new gas line from the kitchen to the house.

If you add a sink to your kitchen, you may need to install a water line. Although most outdoor kitchens have a cold water line, they don’t have one for hot water. It’s essential for safety and convenience to plan for electrical, gas, and water lines. Hiring a licensed contractor who is familiar with local building codes and safety regulations will ensure that your outdoor kitchen is built to code when it’s completed.

Provide Good Lighting

Outdoor Kitchen Design in South Florida requires good lighting for cooking and entertaining after dark. Good task lighting should be used over the cooking areas, so you can easily prepare and cook food. You want enjoy or be able to cook at night without proper lighting. When selecting lighting fixtures, use bright task lighting directly over the kitchen area for preparation and cooking.

If your deck or patio has a roof or overhang, you can install wall-mounted fixtures, stylish overhead fixtures, or pendant lighting for general illumination and seating and dining areas. If you build your kitchen in the back yard, you will need to plan for some type of lighting around that area.

Install An Outdoor Music System

An outdoor kitchen is all about dining and entertaining outdoors. What better way to enhance the atmosphere than with a cool, outdoor sound music system. It’s a great feature for outdoor family gatherings, special events, and backyard pool parties. A sound system will add excitement to any party or outdoor dining experience for family and friends. When planning your kitchen, make sure you plan for wiring and electrical requirements for your sound system.

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