Installing a Steam Shower


Taking a steam shower has long been a reward for forcing yourself out to the gym. Today you can stay closer to home and still reap the benefits of taking a steam. It is now possible to update your home bath with steam and digital shower capabilities. Steam showers are a great way to ease the pain of overworked muscles and joints and provide a refreshing sensation for the entire body.

While you can personalize many of features to make the steam shower uniquely your own, there are some basics that are important to understand before you get started. A steam shower consists of a small room within your existing bathroom. It is important that the area is enclosed so you can reap the benefits of the steam. This means the door will have a vapor lock and there will be a ceiling overhead. The steam shower will have a steam generator that heats the water and sends the resulting vapor, or steam, into the room.

The room that makes up the steam shower must be tile, glass or a similar material. Traditional drywall and other home building materials will not hold up to the high heat and moisture of a steam shower. When putting together the steam shower, many people add a small bench or seat. This allows you to relax in the steam. A steam shower is not the same as your normal morning shower, where you probably rush to get in and out as quickly as possible. Instead, it is closer to a spa experience, and having a comfortable place to sit allows you to better enjoy the time inside.

A steam shower is not for everyone. People with certain health conditions, such as diabetes or high blood pressure, should avoid steam showers, as should women who are pregnant and young children.

Depending on your current situation, you may decide to go with a modular unit. A modular unit is a complete kit that can be installed in an existing space. The other option is a custom enclosure and steam generator. There are advantages and disadvantages of each one, so talking over your options with a professional is a good idea.

If you think you would like a steam shower, you should consult with a professional company, such as ThearmaSol. Steam showers are very enjoyable, but they do require a certain level of knowledge to design and install. You want a shower that meets your needs and will not result in moisture damage to other areas of your home. An experienced company can look at your current floorplan and help you design a steam shower that meets your needs.

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