How to Choose the Furniture in Room?


Furnish a room of your apartment should not be a concern but a fun time. The rooms are intimate and personal, and places that perfectly reflect your personality. For you to make good choices, let yourself be carried away by the desire to reflect your personality on your furniture choices. Need help? Follow the leader.

How to Choose the Furniture in Room

The bedroom

This is the most intimate area of ​​the house and that is where you should feel most comfortable as possible. To choose the furniture for your bedroom you should: – Specify your budget.
– Make a choice on the trend (modern, classic).
– Take steps because the furniture should not clutter up the room and make it close.
. – Opt for practical furniture: drawers easy to open, comfortable bed and dimensions 1m 1m 40 or 90. The dresser and nightstands are not bulky things (go for more storage space to avoid disorder must that every object has a storage space).
– Make sure your furniture is well finished (the refinement are very important, the varnish must be done well: no scratches, no scratches).
– Opt for a noble and solid wood such as oak and beech (it gives a class appearance)
– Choose a good mattress (comfortable, anti-mite, anti-humidity).
– Choose a large storage cupboard or closet can hold all your linen and bedding, so you can change you or change your sheet without having to leave the room.
– If you have enough space in your room, you can also think about having a small sofa where you can read a book or enjoy a coffee or herbal tea.
– Remember to add a small table.

The nursery

It is a space where you must take into account the tastes and attractions of your child.
The choice of furniture in the room of your children, too, refers to your budget. – The way your child to sleep precise choice of bed A child who moves in his sleep needs a large bed of 90cm width 70cm.
– Choose furniture of solid wood (the children play in their rooms).
– Make sure the furniture is safe and contain no sharp edges or metal.
– Choose the round finishes much furniture is Safe for children.
– Remember to add office chairs in case your child wants to invite a friend.

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