Tips to maintain your garden


A rose for example is not size in the same way that an ordinary shrub and requires some special knowledge botanical for proper development of plants during the flowering season and up recovery for the following season. Each plant requires special maintenance, size, planting exhibition, fertilizer supply or irrigation.
Seasonal plants with perennials, your landscaper will be the most qualified by knowledge and experience to advise you purchase and exhibition of all plants for the garden.

Tips to maintain your garden

You must plant depending on the soil type: all plants cannot be planted in any soil; for example, there are plants called heather (hydrangeas, azaleas, rhododendrons, camellias etc.) to ordinary perennial plants (roses, trees and shrubs etc.).
Heather plants should be planted in protected soil acidity limestone, which is why they are at planting as during maintenance of the land of heather, a special ground to protect and develop the feet these plants.

Plant a rose bush for example, using fertilized horticultural compost, fertilizer content in the soil provides help in rooting of the plant, its development and prolong flowering. Different kinds of land exist depending on the variety of plants in your garden, the choice of this account for planting.

Your gardener will advise you with the seasons to know what preparation give your garden, what should I prune in fall or winter?

How to prune and maintain a rose?

The rose is certainly the external plant the most delicate and most fragile to keep. Do not prune during periods of extreme cold, your rose bush would be destroyed by frost. At the regrowth of vegetation, we must fight the many insects such as aphids and black that feed on the sap and leaves of the plant. Insecticides should be used with caution and within the periods of use, it does not deal in winter or in summer high temperatures.
Prune a rose bush with a special cutting shears branch biez so that water slides over the head of the branch and does not enter into it, so to avoid pourissement the rose . The garden bloom like supermarkets and are implanted increasingly in cities and in the countryside; these stores are real supermarkets that offer many products, it is still necessary to know their specific uses.
Gardeners maintain your garden with industry experience, it is often easier and faster to find a green hand to clean and bloom garden, however for larger jobs, it is interesting to turn to landscape professionals who are Today genuine external architects.

You want to completely redesign your garden by starting with a vague wasteland or expand or transform a plot by integrating an existing garden? All options are possible; The computer creates 3D ideas or perspectives to follow the evolution of plants over the years. Good software is capable of aging for several years your garden by giving an overview of the clutter of plants and result.
A garden is often the continuity of your outdoor habitat; style, shape, colors determine its aesthetics and its integration into the environment. Imagine a result in the abstract is often complex; creating massive can transform your home by bringing a lot of charm and elegance.

You must do These Things

  • All the flower beds of perennial or seasonal plants respecting the distances and views.
  • Planting trees depending on the nature of your soil, to create such a low mass and a conifer plantation in the background.
  • Create a garden driveway, gravel or synthetic materials. Draw the rounded or straight contours, customize style and shape.
  • Embed underground or external automatic sprinkler system connected for example to a programmer.
  • Install an automatic garden lighting.
  • Renovate or carry a lawn (country, golf, shaded turf flowers: Japanese grass).
  • Prune or fell trees bulky and difficult to access.
  • Build walls and walls between your beds, an outdoor patio, lay floral bowls, trays or mesh.
  • Treat your plants and restore your garden for the summer, weeding, garden winterizing etc.
  • Build a rock garden.

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