How To Improve You and Your Home


Many people use the phrase “Clean home, clean mind.” This can be especially true during the summer months, when frequent beach trips may leave sand all over the house. Dogs often shed more during the spring and summer months, which may translate into you having to vacuum way more often than you’re used to. For those of us that have tried to clean sand and pet hair out of our cars, floors, couch fibers, and suitcases, we know how hard it can be to get every last grain out.

In the same vein, it’s almost impossible to clean sand out of every little crevice in your life, hair growth can feel like a similar battle. It never ends! You shave, moisturize, and cleanse each night, if you’re into that, and then one or two days later, there it is again. Maybe you can’t win the battle with sand, but you definitely can win the battle against hair growth with laser hair removal in Los Angeles.  These days, not only is the technology getting better, but the cost is plummeting as well. One less thing you constantly have to think about! Never be conscious about not wearing that super cute skirt to the office because you didn’t have time to shave this morning. Laser hair removal used to be considered a “womens” only procedure, but that couldn’t be further from reality now a days. There are many men that loathe the idea of body hair and welcome the increasing effectiveness of laser hair removal.

Mother and grandmother help their daughter to make salad
Mother and grandmother help their daughter to make salad

Once you’ve dealt with the pesky hair in unwanted places, next you can tackle the clutter that is your home. Throw away anything that you haven’t used in over a year. Can’t remember the last time you used the juicer? Is it just sitting there and collecting dust, and taking up space on your already cluttered counter top? Give it away, or put it in storage at least. You might want it the next time you’re wanting to do a juice cleanse but don’t want to shell out the $8 a bottle at the local Whole Foods.

But what about decorations? Decorations don’t technically serve any specific purpose, except to brighten up the room and make it more lively. Unless you have a specific attachment to any bit of decoration, switch it up every so often. Move the decoration to another room, put it next to something else, or put it away for a short time and see if there’s something else that would add a bit more spice to your home.

Spring cleaning can be tough for those of us hoarders, but never fear! One step at a time is all we can ever ask for.

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