The essence of occasional clearing up of the lawn


As we have blogged in some of our series, seasons come and go, and gardeners need to have a plan of action on how to handle each and every part of the lawn activities.  Most gardens usually look shaggy at the end of each planting season; the same case applies to most of the lawns.

The changing times will easily be visible especially when looking around the yard; you see some plant maturing while others not yet. Because the different grasses and flowers on the garden develop at intervals leaving some patches of the old plant, occasional cleaning becomes a necessity.

Clearing old grass from the lawn is an important part of park management for the new season. Though most lawn mowers have bags which is used to collect the mowed grass in the course of mowing, the underlying point is that at times; all this may not work to the desire of the lawn owner as grass will remain to lie around the yard that will need collection.

Lawnmower shredders on their path may not be your ideal tools in making this work succeed. While it may have some negative impact on the overall leafy part of the grass, its use is only limited to the season when the grass foliage is not as plumy.

Cold season

Though plant growth during the cold season may not be as much, the activity within the garden also subsides. The risk to this is that old leaves may fall from the plants on the lawn leaving a patch of dead leaves that can end up killing the grass below.

Such leaves also run the risk of harboring some pests and organisms which are harmful to the overall good of your lawn. Take an example of mice which would be so happy to exploit such conditions as the damp conditions favor them.

Leaving dead plants on the lawn can also make the overall garden cleanup quite problematic as the manager has more than the expected in the course of the season. Stamping the feet over and over makes the soil below hard and not conducive to support grass growth as expected.

What can be useful in the process?

Most lawn owners and managers use the rakes and weed whackers to get rid of old dead plants on the lawn. The efficiency of the weed whackers has been considered higher in spite of the rake having taken most honors when it comes to the most used tool.

Having these two tools is something any real meaning lawn owners must address if he is to succeed in getting the yard clean. Because of its ability to shred any dead plant into pieces, the shredder or the grass whip allows the soil to regenerate with the cut plants well within it.

Why raking doesn’t rate where the whacker stems from the rakes the only role of collecting and cleaning the garden. In contrast, apart from the shredding capacity, the whip can cut anything in its path as well.

The multipurpose use of the whacker makes it an invaluable tool if you are looking for something to work with in cleaning the garden at the time of much activity. Cleaned gardens are important as it allows the gardener to patch up on areas which could be lacking in grass.

Collect the cleaned grass

Collecting the grass pieces and isolating them from the lawn is an essential element in the whole process as the lawn is useful in mulching. Mulching is an important activity on the farm as it allows the plant roots to have enough water.

Mulching also provides the plants with enough soil cover on the lawn used for growing plants like flowers which need such cover. Grass may require the mulch but it needs to be shredded to enable ease of mix between the grass blades.


At any given moment, the lawn needs cleaning due to the mowing or due to a pile of dead leaves from plants growing around. Though many people shun it, cleaning the yard can be important in saving you lots of money.

Dead leaves can be the cause of death of some of the plants you may be fond of in the garden. You don’t need to let your grass or plants die if you can avoid the debacle. So get down this season and get the leaves out of your way.

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