Three Things You Need to Know When You’re Engaging a Skip Bin Hire Company


Hiring a skip bin is a great way to dispose of rubbish and unwanted items. Whether you’re clearing out the garage, renovating the kitchen, or you’re relocating to a new residence and want to make the most of the opportunity to rid yourself of a few unwanted possessions, skip bin hire is a convenient and affordable solution. Here are a few things that you need to know about engaging a bin hire company.

  1. Find a Good Hire Company

A good hire company can make the experience of hiring a skip bin simple and straightforward, which is what we all want when engaging any company. As there are often a few things involved in hiring a skip, for example, arranging a council permit if the skip’s going to be placed on the road or footpath rather than the driveway or backyard, it’s a wonderful thing to have a reputable business that provides good customer service assist you.

As a result, when you make use of the bin services from Recover Bins in Perth, you needn’t worry about aspects of hiring a bin such as arranging a council permit because they’ll organise this for you. Hiring a bin from a top bin hire company offers many benefits in addition to the organising of council permits, such as providing you with expert advice that enables you to make informed decisions about hiring a skip.

  1. The Waste You’re Disposing Of

One of the first things you need to do when making arrangements for skip hire is to inform the company of the waste you’re disposing of. This is because there are different types of skips for different types of waste, including:

  • Environmental waste – Grass clippings, timber, leaves, etc.
  • Construction and demolition waste – Bricks, concrete, timber, etc.
  • Residential waste – Mattresses, clothes, boxes, etc.

It’s essential to understand that some items can’t be disposed of in a skip, like building materials such as asbestos or paints, and that some items, like mattresses and tyres, may incur an additional fee. Discuss the waste you’ll be disposing of with the company representative to prevent avoidable problems from arising.

  1. How Much Time You Require

How long will it take for you to fill the bin and have it collected? As many of us know from experience, it always takes longer to complete a project than we initially expect, so make sure you can fill the skip in the time you have arranged or you may find yourself having to pay extra. A good way to go about avoiding a situation like this is to have everything ready to throw away when the skip arrives, so then you can fill it up and have it collected within the allocated time frame.

This isn’t all that you need to know when you engage a skip hire company, but as long as you find a good service provider to hire skips from, you shouldn’t experience any problems as they can advise you on the process, the permits required, the materials you can dispose of and everything else you need to know.

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