Tree Surgery in Bognor Regis


Everyone would love to have a great looking garden, but usually, it takes a lot of time to make it beautiful. Not only that you need to find all the plants that will fit together, but you have to take care of them every season. When you include larger plants like bushes and trees, the jobs become more complicated. You have to get all the tools and supplements needed to make it look good.

A great looking garden also represents a status symbol, so it is very important to have it organized in order to give great impression to some people you invite to dinner or to visit you. If you have no time to do this, there are many companies that are doing jobs like these. You can always find some experienced people in your area like the specialist treen surgeons from Bognor Regis.

What is a tree surgeon?

Many people haven’t heard of tree surgeons, but the actual name is tree arborists. Their main job is to take care of and maintain trees. Trees, like every living organism around us, have their own system that needs to be maintained. Still, struggles between people and trees often occur. This can be due to a tree’s general growth or its collapse due to adverse weather situations.

Alternatively, conflicts can result from human actions affecting the tree. In both cases, it’s a tree surgeon’s job to fix conflicts to assure the safety of property and people as well as support the health and prosperity of trees.

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To be a tree arborist, like a doctor, you need to be extremely skilled to execute operations such as deadwood removal and have knowledge of how your subject, the tree, works. It’s a dangerous job so you need to be able to handle the risk, love working in the rain and have a head for heights.

Tree pruning

Ask any passionate gardener which job they dislike the most, and the answer is reasonably weeding. Ask them about the job they dread most, and the response to that one is pruning their shrubs or trees. It is true that many people who love gardening are already experienced in this job, but for the majority, it is something that takes times and takes a lot of energy.

When you accurately remove things like weak or dead branches from trees or shrubs, you are actually doing the plant a huge help overall. It will help to develop new and healthy growth and as a result, your plants will be stronger. Pruning also helps to encourage extra growth as well as more productive flowering.

Safety first

There may be situations when you really shouldn’t take a pruning job on by yourself, and this usually happens when you have older shrubs or trees. For example, some trees can get to well over the 30 feet in height, but that does not imply they don’t need some maintaining.

When that is the case, no matter how experienced you are as a gardener, it just isn’t safe for you to engage in this particular job. The only way to assure your large shrubs and trees are remained healthy and remain to grow is to use the services of a tree surgeon. Read more here.

If you have both small and large varieties, it might be worth asking your local tree surgery firm to give you a quote, so they can prune what you need, as well as providing you a quote for just the plants you can’t (and shouldn’t) manage alone.

Pre summer action

When June comes, you should have all your vegetables and flowers planted. Maybe you think that is it, but that is actually when the real work starts. Bugs are still feasting on delicious leaves, and the humidity and heat are starting to rise. That is the time when you get your tools ready for some work.

It is not smart to plant trees in June. They may experience a transplant shock. You need to let your trees to grow roots before they are constrained to the dryness and heat of summer. Contact a tree expert if you find that your trees are not thriving. You may have diseases, pests or need tree surgery.

There are some special reasons why trees die in June or any other month of the year. One is the trunk was destroyed during transport of plants.

The tree might have been seeded too deep. You need to plant trees so the root balls rest firmly on the bottom of the hole with the tip of the root ball level with the surrounding soil. Shortage of water or over-watering throughout the first 18 months is the number one killer of new trees. It takes about 18 months for tree roots to become settled. The soil wetness should be tested every week. This will be a great pattern to your watering plan.

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