Something You may Want to Know about the Aluminium Extrusion


Here are the Merits of Choosing the Aluminium Extrusion

Extrusion, generally speaking, is a process used to create the object of a fixed cross-sectional profile. Through this process, the material would be pushed through a die of the desired cross-section, which is like squeezing the toothpaste from a tube.

Compared with other manufacturing processes, it’s able to create complex cross-sections and the parts with an excellent surface finish.

Concerning its materials, they could be metals, polymers, ceramics, concrete, modeling clay, and foodstuffs. Among them, aluminium is the most commonly extruded material. Extruded aluminum, namely, is a technique which can transfer the aluminum alloy into definitive and cross-sectional profiles. And its malleability and ductility make it an optimal choice. Its ductility makes it quite easy to be extruded, and for another property of malleability, it can form the complex shape after being pressed.

Over the last twenty years, the aluminium extrusion has been increasingly used in many fields for its distinctive characteristics served for design flexibility.

Here are the unique properties the aluminium extrusion is equipped with.

  • The conductivity of electricity and heat

For that it’s quite good at conducting the power and heat, it can apply to many aluminium extrusion products, such as the air conditioning, radiators, heatsinks, and electronics. For instance, Galuminiums aluminium extrusion applies to the heat transfer equipment.

  • The ability to transfer the heat

The aluminium extrusion excels at transferring heat. Therefore, it’s useful in making condenser tubes, radiators, and air conditioners. What’s more, it’s also suitable in making heating and cooling devices of mainframe computers, audio, and video systems, etc.

  • Having the low weight to high strength ratio

According to its low weight to high strength ratio, it can be changed into panels, cylinder heads, engine blocks, transmission houses, and chassis. In the market, Galuminium’s alumimium extrusion stands out with its high quality and is applicable in producing cylinder. If you’re working in the aeronautical, marine or automotive industry, it could also be a right choice for you. Aside from that, with its feature of low weight to high strength ratio, it’s the optimum choice for manufacturing spacecraft bodies and parts.

  • Corrosion resistance

Based on the fact that the extruded aluminium is corrosion resistant, it is commonly used in the fields of mining, architecture, marine, military, cables, and wires.

The advantages mentioned above all serve for the aluminium extrusion’s flexibility of producing end products. By the way, Taber’s aluminium extrusion is recommended, too.  

Besides these properties mentioned above, the aluminium extrusion has another sparkling point.  

is entirely and repeatedly recycled, and the recycledUnlike many other recycled materials, aluminium  aluminium almost keep all the property of the original metal. Recycling scrap aluminium requires only 5% of the energy that was needed to produce the original metal, which can add the value of the scrap. Due to the low cost of recycling as well as the high efficiency of scrap recovery, the aluminium extrusion is environmentally friendly. That’s one of the reasons why Galuminium launched its Anodized Aluminum for Industry, which can widely be used in home decoration, railing, louver, auto parts, etc.

For these excellent characteristics mentioned above, the aluminium extrusion seems to be a good choice. If there is any need for home decoration, railing and louver, magnesium alloy, radiator, auto parts and so on. You could learn about the aluminium extrusion by clicking

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