5 Things You Should Look for in a Dryer Repair Technician.


No one hires a specialist without asking questions.

You’re not an exception to this rule. If you need to repair a dryer, you need to prepare questions for the services you call.

Because the last thing you need is a bad job on your dryer.

Dryers are expensive (and necessary) utilities. And you want to avoid buying a new one if you can.

Below are 5 inquiries you can make. Consider them a litmus test of conscientiousness and quality!

#1 – Ask for Licensing and Certification.

Never work with an uncertified technician.

While unlicensed technicians are low cost, they’re not worth it. Because you cannot guarantee their work quality.

You have no way to check their training and experience level.

What to Do.

Ask for certification, which you can check with online research.

Specifically, look for local certification (on the state level).

#2 – Ask About Insurance.

Paying to fix a dryer is enough. The last thing you need is to pay for unexpected “on-site” damages.

For example, a technician might get electrocuted. Or, they might get harmed by a dryer part.

You don’t want to incur the medical bills for those. Your repair company should pay those.

So ask about insurance. Make sure the service has medical coverage for employees, and specifically for accidents.

#3 – Ask About Discounts.

Some services offer labor discounts to special types of clients.

For example, you can get a discount if you’re a military personnel. Or, you can get a senior citizen discount.

The rates you get differ from one service to another. Ask for information on discount packages, and see if you fit the criteria.

#4 – Service Areas.

Your repair specialist has to be fast.

When calling one, make sure you know their address. Then ask for the areas they service.

The smaller the locus, the better. It’s a sign of a service that delivers fast.

It’s also a sign of a business that doesn’t spread itself too thin (thus doing a poor job).

At most, your service should be within your city. Out of your city isn’t acceptable, even if you’re in the same state.

#5 – Check Reviews.

Reviews are a good metric. And good reviews (over the span of months) means a good service.

This isn’t something you can ask for by phone. You have to check for this yourself.

You need their website, and a place where genuine reviews are posted.

Here’s an Example…

Check out the website of Pasadena Appliance Repair Pro.

They’re licensed Californian utilities technicians. This dryer repair Pasadena service delivers fast and with quality.

They service multiple brands, with a large spare parts inventory.

They check off all requirements on this list. Be sure to contact them, and get your dryer fixed!

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