4 Design Trends For The Bathroom What You’ll See In 2015


There are a few weeks, we have begun a new year and many people will use this as an excuse to do an extreme makeover to their entire home or a room in their home. Perhaps you are one of those people. The bathroom is one of the renovated rooms in 2015 and although some trends in 2014 still apply in 2015, it will not be the case for others. To make changes to your bathroom that will be updated with the latest trends, you must know what is up to date. In this article, we’ll mention you 4 decorating trends for the bathroom that you will see in 2015.

4 Design Trends For The Bathroom What You'll See In 2015

1) Breaking down the walls that are the master bedroom and adjacent bathroom

Before we say we’re crazy, keep reading.

You’ve probably already seen large open bathrooms in decorating magazines and you said that you would like to have one like it in your dream home. While it is true that these bathrooms are located mostly in large mansions, there is a way to create a large bathroom that resembles them in your own home.

This is where the destruction of the walls that lie between the master bedroom and adjoining bathroom on the scene. The absence of walls will create a large open space that would have been impossible to recreate in your home if you had followed the limits dictated by the original walls.

By cons, this solution is not for everyone. Indeed, some people may not like the idea that there is no separation between the bathroom and bedroom. However, for those who are open to the idea, this idea has the potential to create amazing results.

2) Repeat your bathroom by following the principles of sustainable development

A lifestyle based on sustainable development will become increasingly popular over the next few years and you can contribute to this way of life by giving your bathroom a course of sustainable youth. How? Using materials and recycled and recovered products.

Do not worry, many recycled materials look great and give a second life to old objects and furniture can produce splendid results in a bathroom.

3) Remove your bathtub to install a large glass shower ‘walk-in’

If you love taking baths, this trend is not for you. However, if you rarely take baths, this should interest you.

In 2015, more and more people will choose to get rid of their bathtub for installing a large glass shower ‘walk-in’. The benefits? Being able to enjoy a shower without being cramped priceless and, in our opinion, everyone should be able to enjoy it. Also, have a larger space for your shower will install a more sophisticated water jet system that is capable, among others, to create many types of water jets, one of which simulates downpour.

In short, a large glass shower ‘walk-in’ ‘makes taking much nicer shower.

4) Integrate plants to your bathroom

Zen bathrooms are fashionable for some years now and they will be even in 2015. When you think of zen spaces, you may think of the inspired spaces of the Asian culture and you’d be right to think about that . However, plants also contribute greatly in creating zen spaces and they have their place in the bathroom.

By integrating plants in your bathroom, you’ll be able to create a zen natural environment that will ensure that you’ll want to stay in that room even after you finish. If you want to go even further, install a vertical garden. This type of installation gives an amazing look to a bathroom.

This concludes our article on 4 decor trends for the bathroom that you will see in 2015. If you follow these trends in the design of your new bathroom , it certainly will impress your family and friends!

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