The benefits of a thermostatic valve


A thermostatic valve has only advantages and has much to offer in terms of comfort and safety. The principle is simple: you determine in advance the temperature of the water, so as to never get a cold or boiling water jet. Since the water comes quickly at the right temperature, your water consumption will be much lower. And, of course, who says less water usage also said a positive effect on the environment.

thermostatic valve

Thermostatic valves catch the eye

Equipping your thermostatic valves with a flow limiter allows you to make a saving of 50% water. But the thermostatic valves are not only functional, they are also aesthetic. These are real masterpieces attractively designed. In addition, the outer surface of the valve never becomes hotter than the temperature at which the valve is located.

Thermostatic valves for the shower or bath

Thermostatic valves were previously more expensive than conventional taps, but there is almost no difference in price today. A thermostatic valve can also be used as shower faucet or bath faucet. In the latter case, the most interesting is to use the bathtub faucet also as a shower faucet. Thermostatic valves are available in all sizes and shapes imaginable.

The safety button locks the temperature

Almost all the thermostatic valves are equipped with a safety switch that blocks the temperature of hot water at 38 ° C. What is useful, what is more with children in infancy. A thermostatic valve is equipped with a thermal sensor which, when the water reaches a certain temperature, automatically shuts off the hot water. So many good reasons to equip your bathroom with a thermostatic tap!

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