10 ideas to decorate the ceiling


In a child’s room: various strips of wallpaper


In the children’s bedroom, the walls and ceiling play a major role in the equitable sharing of the room. This kind of room can be shared by three kids. Place some Alphabets on Walls. You can Also paste Alphabets on Ceiling.

In a living room: a wallpaper sham

living room

in this room, the purity of the walls, floor but also the whole decoration is subtly enhanced by a ceiling with a contemporary feel: a painted trompe l’oeil effect polished concrete paper.

Nice visual effect that this use of sham that allows this piece not to be just too neutral.

In ceiling hanging plants


Very popular, the trend of hanging plants is timely to decorate our ceilings and specifically the volume of our room.

In a hallway: black nothing but black

hall way

In this great hall, floor and ceiling seem to echo with style. Black tile for one, black paint to match the other for a very elegant atmosphere

This staging gives the whole a similar sense of privacy to a cabinet of curiosities. This choice of black strikingly contrast with the white walls covered frames.

In a child’s room: hanging paintings


It is no secret that children need to display their creations in their small room. Here two huge canvases on which children have painted are stretched to the ceiling between the beams, just above their beds.

This initiative strengthens the cocoon character of this piece and also to highlight the ceiling beams.

In a bathroom: beautiful tiles


In the bathroom, you should know the appropriate mix of surfaces covered with tiles. If it can be placed on the walls and the floor, it can also come decorate the ceiling and provide a nice visual effect.

This is the case in the bathroom with white walls whose space while length is finely underlined by a tile with rosettes. It was placed on one of the walls of the shower and continues along the ceiling.

In the kitchen: hanging decoration items


In the kitchen, if the ceiling retains its beautiful white beams, it also exposes some decoration.

Milk jug, vintage watering can, dried flower bouquets come hang with exposed beams and further emphasize the spirit of this country kitchen. Proof that objects can also store the ceiling!

In a large living room: a ceiling to isolate color


As the floor, the ceiling can be used to isolate a space within a large living room. For example, in this room, a black and white tiled floor and part of the ceiling repainted in pale pink stand the kitchen of the dining room. This more nude shade reduces the total look of black and white duo who reigns in the kitchen.

In a hallway: accumulated lanterns


Nice and light, the paper lantern often the happiness of our parts! Poetic, it can also illuminate a room that dress. So why not expand its presence in the ceiling to decorate an original way?

Accumulated on the ceiling of a room or corridor, this air Deco brings to the part of both volume and lightness.

In a hallway: painting tape


Boosting a connecting room like a corridor is sometimes difficult. The space is not large enough to accommodate furniture. The entire decor is therefore placed on the walls … and the ceiling.

Here the good idea is to have the doors painted bright yellow room and have reproduced the same color on the ceiling in the continuity of the door to an explosive

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