3 Easy Things to Improve Your Apartment


Some people believe that investing any money or effort into making apartment improvements is a waste of time since any property value changes ultimately benefit landlords. The fact is that you do not need to make a lot of big, expensive renovations to an apartment to make it both a comfortable space to live in and a welcoming environment for visitors.

The following three things are fast and inexpensive solutions:

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Privacy Film

Adding or brightening light in apartment spaces is one of the easiest improvements you can make today. Many apartments have windows that feature no treatments or windows with blinds and curtains that block too much light. In each of these scenarios, you lose privacy if you want to see more natural light. Every window film manufacturer produces a wide range of privacy films for use on windows. These films are typically made of plastic and attach to surfaces via a light adhesive or static like with window cling decals. Patterns include full or partially frosted and etched designs, rice paper and stained glass. You can also use privacy film to create the illusion of patterned and frosted glass doors on glass storm doors.

Throw Pillows

It might seem strange that something like a throw pillow can improve an apartment, but throw pillows offer you one of the least expensive ways to add bright colors and stylish designs to a room without painting it. Since many apartment building owners do not allow their tenants to paint or hang large paintings, throw pillows that feature complex or artistic designs immediately draw people’s eyes away from the drab cream-colored paint that many landlords use in their apartments. Throw pillows also serve several functional purposes: They provide a comfortable head rest during naps. Large throw pillows tossed into a pile can make a comfortable resting place for movie night gatherings with family and friends.

Cabinet Bumpers

Banging noise generated by the standard prefabricated kitchen cabinet and bathroom doors often found in apartments can become a nuisance over time – especially if you have roommates who are up at all hours. The banging can also become a problem if you host meals with family or friends who decide to help out by searching for ingredients and dishes in your cabinets. Noisy cabinet doors can also disrupt the lives of neighbors in adjacent apartments because many buildings have insufficient soundproofing. You can inexpensively fix this problem by attaching foam or felt cabinet bumpers to the outer corners inside each of your kitchen cabinet doors. If your kitchen has doors that have warped with age, you can still reduce some of the noise by attaching additional bumpers to the cabinet box face so that box bumpers and door bumpers hit into each other.

Obviously, these methods barely scratch the surface of all of the improvements that you could make to your apartment to create a wonderful, relaxing space, if you really wanted to get crazy you could go about adding things such as barn doors to your entrance. These things are easy to implement and reduce costs. If your landlord does permit renovation projects, these things make it possible for you to cheaply make changes that would otherwise run hundreds of dollars if you chose the alternatives. For example, you do not need to replace existing glass windows and doors with frosted glass, buy gallons of paint or rolls of wallpaper or upgrade entire cabinets.

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