The Best New Washing Machine Technology


Innovations so good you’ll want to bring them home immediately!…

Compared to the old wash tub and dolly the Washing Machine has already come a very long way in its evolution. However, as technology continues to march apace and the big brands vie for your attention and hard earned cashmore and more of the clever thinking and latest technology, most commonly associated with your smart phone, tablet or hybrid car, is being applied to the humble Washing Machine! So what are the latest advances that could make a difference to your household?

The Samsung Active Wash system is an American style top loading Washing Machine with a build in sink directly under lid. The sink has its own dedicated water faucet and bevelled sides to agitate clothes whilst hand washing. Ideal for delicate hand wash items or for pre-treating stains, once you have finished the task in hand the water, and garment if you are going on to machine wash, simply empty in to the tub. The perfect system if your machine is housed away from a sink, preventing the need to carry armfuls of wet laundry through the house to a utility room or garage!

LG have developed a dual washer which utilises the empty pedestal space beneath front loading Washing Machines for an additional stand-alone drum, compatible with all LG front loaders this clever system allows two separate washes to take place simultaneously so you can separate out colours or delicates without losing time.

Washing Machine

The Whirlpool Smart is a top loading Washer Dryer which has been developed in conjunction with smart home thermostat Nest. Working in sync with your Nest device the Washing Machine can switch to quiet mode when it knows you are home or automatically set to washing at off-peak energy hours. The smart technology allows the Washer to be controlled from wherever you are and the app also includes troubleshooting and diagnostic tools.

The LG F14UITBS2 is an affordable home Washing Machine with some big hitting functions, the inclusion of steam refresh and steam softener allow you to bring the dry cleaner home, refreshing hardly worn clothes with a shot of steam and also using it as an alternative to fabric softener, appealing to the pocket and to those with skin sensitivities.

Finally, claiming to be the biggest shake up of the Washing Machine in 60 years and bringing the industry in line with other technological achievements such as the moon landings (!) is the Xeros. Their claims may be bold but the Xeros really is a totally different way of approaching laundry, almost taking water out of the equation altogether! Instead, millions of tiny beads are used to remove stains and odours from clothing. Using just a cup of water and a tiny amount of the designated detergent the beads become absorbent in the humid atmosphere of the Washing Machine locking dirt into their core. After washing the beads are filtered back to the pump through holes in the drum ready for the next wash and can complete up to 500 loads before needing to be replaced. Makers of the Xeros claim the machine is more effective and efficient using 20% of the water and 50% of the electricity consumption of a conventional machine. Whilst currently designed for the commercial market; with projections that 7 million tonnes of water could be saved per week if the technology was rolled out across all UK households, a domestic machine can’t be long in the making!

Despite washing machines advancing they can sometimes go wrong. Finding out the problem can be easy in some cases, or tricky, and depending on the part that might be broken finding a replacement part could be incredibly difficult. Thankfully, the prices of new machines have also gone down which means you have the choice of repair or new.

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