Top 10 Tips on Selecting the best Washing Machine Repair Service


It’s a laundry day, and you walk to your washing machine to turn it on. The silence that follows makes you realize that your washing machine is faulty. It is your first appliance and you don’t know the best repair company around. The following tips will ensure that you select the best company in the market, and protect yourself against any damages involved with machine repairs.

  1. Take your time

On that very day that your washing machine breaks down, don’t seek for repair services. At that time you are most likely to be stressed and nervous. Take time for few days to do your research on the best companies around.

  1. Reputable Company

You should choose the company based on its reputation. Checking the website of that given company will give you a clear picture of the company you will be dealing with. You should check its experience to make sure you get value for your money.

  1. The pricing

You need to consider the pricing of the repair service offered. You don’t want to overspend and the machine ends up being faulty again. You should also be aware of companies offering cheap prices as this could mean poor service. Compare prices before settling for one.

  1. Seeking for referral

The best way of getting the best service, is by asking the neighbours and friends around. You should ask about their experience with the service company and if they were satisfied with the services that were offered to help in making the decision.

  1. The mode of payments

You should find out if the service company accepts other payment methods. A credit card offers a form of protection because in cases of poor services, you can direct your credit card company to charge the merchant. The action will result into you getting your money back.

  1. Seek help from real estate firms

If you have the contact of any real estate agents around you should contact them.  They always have stand-by repair persons for their broken appliances. Get the list of their repair company and contact them for further details.

  1. Call at least three companies

Never make your first stop on the first call. Call around at least three companies to compare the prices and services offered.


  1. Call the manufacturer/owner

You can call the manufacture or the owner of the company to find out if they offer the repair service. Mostly likely they will be offering the best repair service.

  1. Additional services offered

Before settling for that company, you should ask about the after repair services. Ask about guarantees and warranties on the parts replaced, the length and whether the terms are in writing.

  1. Avoid the attractive offers

Don’t settle for those companies that offer free visit to check your washing machine. It is more risky because you may end up paying more, as no service professional will waste his time and gain nothing.

You don’t want to risk the safety of your property by having a quack to do your repair work. The tips above will ensure that you get the professional that will repair the washing machine once and for all.

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