4 Things New Home Owners Need to be Cautious Of


Home ownership is certainly one of those exciting moments that you would love to cherish. However, most new homeowners often face a number of difficulties after moving in. While each new homeowner has to bear some unique costs such as the association fees and property taxes, they also have to be ready for some expensive and urgent repair costs and other bills.

Here are 4 major problems that you should watch out for and try to avoid by following these easy tips.

High energy bills:

It’s quite common to see high monthly energy bills after you move in. This can be due to poor insulation, air leaking through windows and the water heater being set at a high temperature. While you cannot fix everything in the first month of home possession, you can definitely do some easy and quick fixes to avoid high bills.

Consider doing an air seal of the windows and replacing the regular bulbs with energy saving LEDs. Check your water heater, and set it at 120 degrees for optimal heating and low energy bills.

Appliance Breakdown:

Many new homeowners often fail to check the appliances in a rush to buy the home and move in. It won’t be surprising to find a leaking refrigerator after a few days of usage or an overheating dryer after a single cycle. Appliance breakdown can be a major problem for new homeowners.

While many insurance companies offer great deals on appliance insurance, it is far more expensive than the repair cost. Companies in the UK like Service Force offer appliance repair services and sell spare parts too. Whether you want an expert to check your appliances to repair it or just want to buy some spare parts to replace a faulty part in your appliance, take a look at the Service Force website to see what service they can offer to you. Plus, new homeowners will be happy to know that they offer a limited time warranty for their service and products.

Soaring water bills:

This is another common complaint among most new homeowners. Water leaks, an inefficient clothes dryer and high-flow faucets are some of the major reasons behind the soaring bills.

Install low-flow showerheads to save water and money. Do a detailed inspection to check for water leaks, and ensure to get it fixed before you move in. Don’t just settle for paying these high costs, do something to bring them down.

Plumbing issues:

Whether you are buying a new house or an old one, check the plumbing system before you move in. Even a newly installed toilet can leak water and run constantly if it has some faulty parts. Certainly, it’s going to cost you a lot of money to fix it later. Plus, it will up your water bill too. Ensure to do all the plumbing repairs to avoid a disastrous water leakage and inconvenience.

When you move into a new home, the last thing you want to be worrying about is everything you need to do to fix it. You also don’t want to be surprised by unexpected issues and costs. Make your new home ownership enjoyable by following these quick tips to avoid these four major problems.

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