Lawn Care DIY


Nearly every UK household has a garden, some both front and back. With a garden comes a responsibility and many homeowners take pride in the appearance of their gardens. It is no surprise then that garden centres abound with all manner of lawn care products. Usually in most gardens (Especially in Manchester and Warrington) the lawn is the centrepiece for the nature show and getting it to look at its best all year round can prove to be very difficult for the average person who is unqualified in green keeping.

So we want to spend a little time explaining how you can improve the appearance of your lawn without resorting to returfing. Just for the record returfing your lawn does not eradicate any of the problems your previous lawn faced, after about 6-12 months your new lawn would just accrue the same problems as the last.

So what are better solutions to the ailing lawn?


Here is the single most important product you need if you’re going to make that lawn sing. There are thousands of products on the market and you would probably want to do some research when deciding which one to go for. Here are some pointers to watch out for,

  • Most shop bought fertilisers from the likes of B&Q and garden centres are very low quality.
  • Fertilisers that really make a difference have to be applied carefully and accurately.

Every fertiliser product comes with an NPK value. This basically is the mineral formula of what is inside the product. Here is what it means,

N – This refers to Nitrogen

P – Refers to Phosphorous

K – Refers to Potassium

There are other elements in fertilisers but these are the main 3 which will make a difference to the health of your lawn. Nitrogen is the element which helps the grass to grow upwards, so the green shoots we all love. Phosphorous is what helps the grass grow down, so the roots are stronger. And finally Potassium does many things including helping resist disease.

So when purchasing a fertiliser take note of the NPK values. The higher the values of each one will help you to see which area it will help your lawn the most.

Note – High Nitrogen Fertilisers can cause “scorching”. So be careful if buying these.

Weed Control

There are so many options for weed control. However, many of them tend to fail as weeds just keep coming back. And as there are so many varieties of weeds it can be difficult for shop bought chemical weed killers to be effective against them all, and because of the chemical nature weed killer products bought by consumers are very low concentrate as you really should have a license to spray pesticides.

You can of course pull out every weed by hand, and this is the most organic natural way to accomplish a weed free lawn, it also is amazingly time consuming.

Considering the difficulties, is there an alternative way?

Realistically most homeowners do not have the time to effectively keep on top of their lawn. Also there is a certain amount of experience and knowledge required to create and maintain the perfect lawn. On top of that, the government requires that anyone spraying pesticides carry a license to do so.

So perhaps after all is considered, there are many excellent lawn care companies out there which can take all the effort away and provide an idyllic lawn.

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