6 Essential Reasons Why Front Load Washers Are Better


Historically, top load washers are the much-preferred type of washing machine. The front-load type gained popularity in the early 2000s. From then on, most homeowners would now get a front load washing machine because of its reliable performance and other benefits.

As this home appliance technology evolves and manufacturers simplify the production, its price has significantly changed, bringing a slight difference from its top-load counterpart. Thus, there are a lot of consumers who are convinced of choosing front load washers. Every penny spent on the unit is worth it. The price of the front-load type gradually drops every year.

Ergonomic Design

The front-load washing machines are stackable, the dryer below and the washer on top. When the laundry room is not that spacious, this is a perfect arrangement for the two appliances. Top load models enable the user to put the clothes at waist height, making it more convenient for those with back pain who can’t bend all the time.

A 15-inch pedestal will work its magic to raise the two units at a more desirable height to avoid body pains when doing the laundry in a stacked arrangement.


The most convincing reason why the front load wins the battle is its price. Nowadays, more brands are offering cheaper prices and even lower than the top-load models. Due to its popularity and efficient performance, manufacturers have produced more models with basic features and more competitive prices.

Even with for-rent apartments or fully-furnished condominium units, front load washing machines are ubiquitous. These units are no longer exclusive for industrial use, such as laundromats. Now, several units can be for residential use too.

Clothes Are Cleaner

The front-load models can do better cleaning and don’t cause damage to the clothes, unlike the top load units. Because this type doesn’t have an agitator where the huge rubber fins make the clothes spin in a halting and quick pattern during the cycle. Clothes get easily ripped, and some have loose threads because of the rough spin of the agitator. It only uses a gravity-assisted tumble wash with front load washers, which offers a gentler washing cycle.

Lesser Cycle

Front-load washers have a big capacity, which enables the user to add more clothes to the compartment. This means one doesn’t have to do their laundry repeatedly. No more worrying, as the kids will have enough socks to last for the whole week.

Require Less Water

The efficiency of front-load units is just remarkable. They can only consume one-third of water, detergent, and energy compared to other types of washers. Even if the owner prefers to buy a high-end front load model, the savings they can earn from its efficient performance is way more than they’ve spent. This is indeed a worthwhile investment.

Fewer Repairs

Nobody likes to deal with appliances that need repair and maintenance jobs a couple of times a year. With front load washing machines, the owner can have peace of mind and not worry about calling a technician anytime soon. The use of gravity to tumble the clothes instead of the central agitator is one of the leading reasons for fewer repairs.

Home appliances like washers and dryers are a necessity. When a homeowner wants to purchase them, it is always wise to do quick research to know the essential factors that must be considered before buying a durable washer.

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