Tips For DIY Home Removals


DIY home removals can remove the stress of worrying whether a removal company will turn up on time, ensure that your items are moved in the order and with the care that you want, and they can save you money when compared to the thousands of pounds that using a professional removal company can attract. However, while there are certainly benefits to completing the removal yourself, there are also potential pitfalls. With careful planning and preparation, you can avoid possible disaster and enjoy a cost effective and efficient moving solution.

Home Removals

Always Err On The Side Of Caution

When it comes to timing, moving day can be quite fluid. You will be given a time to collect keys, if you don’t already have them, and the people moving into your existing property and out of your old property should give some indication of when you will need to and be able to move. However, especially with longer chains, it only takes one slight delay for the whole process to be set back several hours, or even days. Allow some extra time when renting the van, but don’t get too carried away or this will add to the total cost that you have to pay.

Add A Second Driver As Backup

Van rental services allow for one driver, by default, but they also offer the chance to include a second and additional drivers to the policy. If you have not added a second driver, then you will have to do all of the driving. If you get ill, injure yourself, or are simply too tired at the end of the day to finish the driving, then you have no choice. Add a second driver, even if it is only in case of emergencies. The cost is minimal, and it could make your life a lot easier in the long run.

Get A Powered Tail Lift

There are many different vans and vehicles available to rent, meaning that you can choose a size and model that is appropriate for your needs. Some vans offer additional features, and one that you will really benefit from if you have larger items to move like furniture, is that of the powered tail lift. You won’t have to heave heavy objects up and onto the back of the van, and it will save your back and make the job easier.

Make Sure You Have Enough Room

Do ensure that you choose the van that you hire according to your requirements. Transit style vans are usually cheaper, but they may not offer an adequate amount of room and space. Don’t just consider the total amount of space if you have especially large or fragile items. Take wheel arches into account, because these might prevent you from being able to use all of the space that is dimensionally available.

Check You Have All Documents And Codes

You can hire most models of van using a standard UK driving licence, which means that you don’t have to have taken any additional tests or got any special licences, but most rental companies will want to see your licence, proof of address, and will need to be given access to your endorsement details, which means getting a valid code from the DVLA website.

If you are moving house and want to save money on removal costs, Nationwide Hire UK has a fleet of competitively priced and well maintained vans and vehicles that you can use to make the move yourself.

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