Sunbrella — A Special Fabric To Meet Your Outdoor Needs


While buying outdoor fabrics it is important to take special care, particularly because the requirement of outdoor fabrics is not similar to that of the indoor ones. The indoor fabrics are hardly ever exposed to harsh environmental agents, like sunrays, rain and humidity; but the outdoor fabrics endure these harsh environmental conditions on a regular basis. So, your outdoor fabric needs something special that can enable it to endure the harmful effect of the sunrays for longer, without losing its look or color.

sunbrella fabric

What is Sunbrella?

In order to meet the needs of outdoor use of fabrics the sunbrella fabric was introduced.  However, one thing should be kept in mind that sunbrella is actually a brand name which first brought this special type of outdoor fabrics out in the market.  These are specially treated fabrics made up of acrylic that has been 100% solution dyed. This “solution dyeing” makes the fabric able to withstand the effects of harmful rays of the sun without losing its color or looks.

Now let us take a closer look at what is 100% solution dying.  Solution dying means that the fibers used in making the fabric has been dyed in a color solution before they were woven to make the fabric. So, no printing is done on the fabric, rather the color is added to the fiber itself. This makes the colors much more uniform and stable. 100% solution dyed acrylic means the acrylic fibers used in making the fabric has been dyed in solution dye before making the fabric and no color on the fabric itself has been used.

How they help?

These 100% solution dyed acrylic fabrics are an excellent solution for use in the outdoors because they are naturally resistant to water and the colors stay on the fabric for much longer even under heavy sun rays. The sunbrella fabric can be the ultimate solution for all your outdoor furnishing needs, but the only downside of this type of fabric is that they are often not available in bright and gorgeous colors. However, you can get this special fabric in different patterns, style and colors. There are dealers who will provide you this special type of outdoor fabric stitched and designed according to your furnishing requirements. You can use them on the outdoor furniture, as well as on the indoor ones and as curtains on the doors and windows to ensure that the fabric gives a longer service. Choosing the right option will enhance the look of your home while providing usability.

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