Solar Panels are Getting More Popular Nowadays


When the idea of using solar panels was introduced a few years ago, a lot of people were skeptical about it. They thought that it was not a good idea and that it was expensive. Despite the massive campaign on how it could be good for the environment, still many people didn’t buy it. However, after some time, the concept of solar panels is finally getting popular. More people are now happy with the idea of changing their current source of energy into solar power.

According to the data released by the Department of Energy and Climate Change, there is an increase from 2.8GW to almost 5GW. This is almost double the 2013 data. It also means 650,000 more installations. This is how drastic the increase was in 2014. Furthermore, the data also revealed that the increase in the use of solar panels can be seen in various places including homes, schools, industries and many more.

Despite such a drastic increase, it is also saddening that non-residential establishments started to decline the use of solar panels by up to 6%. There are a lot of other factors to be considered though and this includes financial issues. Some small and medium sized enterprises cannot afford the cost of such transition. Find out more about it by checking the latest solar quotes.

Solar Panels

A bright future

Considering the current trend, a lot of industry officials still believe that the growth will continue in the incoming years. It is projected that by the end of 2015, there will be an increase of over 30%. This can also be attributed to the decrease in the cost of solar panels, (reflected in current solar panel quotes from installers) flexibility of ownership, better regulations and access to low capital. The government is also doing its best to ensure that residential and non-residential establishment owners buy the entire concept of solar power.

Just behind natural gas

According to the latest records, the British people are now more inclined to the use of solar panels. It comes second to natural gas, which holds the greatest share. It has already surpassed wind energy and coal. In general, London’s consumption of solar energy is up by 65% compared with Madrid, especially during cooler weather. The government even thinks that by 2020, it is no longer necessary to provide support for people to shift to solar energy use.

In short, there are a lot more reasons for you to give solar power a try. Find out more about solar quotes and be able to make up your mind.

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