How to Increase Home Property Values with Regular Home Repair & Maintenance


There are many ways to increase the value of your home, most of them are long, involved and expensive, but there is one simpler method, repairs and maintenance. The value of most homes can be increased by simple upkeep. Some of them are:

Exterior Care

A simple paint job does wonders for your property values. Pair this with effective landscaping and ensuring that your yard is kept clean of any debris (random rubbish, dilapidated vehicles, etc). Ensure that the newly painted house also has all external fixtures in good condition, sidings should be clean and in great condition. Masonry is a good indicator of general damage and should be checked especially for moisture damage.

The general yard image should be good. Landscaping is key and does not have to be complicated or elaborate.  A clean, well kept, yard gives effective frontage, which is a direct impact point on your property appraisal.


Inside must of course be clean and odor free, so ensure that there’s no leftover scent from that dog, or cat that you care for so much or even worse, any cigarette smoke smell, which tends to linger. Remedy these odors long before, so there’s no hold over.

ceiling repairs

Unique Features

Many houses also have unique features, whether it be a skylight, marble kitchen island or whatever. Ensure that these features are highlighted and easy to get to by the appraiser. They should also be cleaned thoroughly, spruced up if needed, if it’s a feature which can have missing pieces (tiles, carvings etc) then they should be checked for their permanence, and any small repairs or strengthening be done.


Checking for leaks and fixing them immediately is a quick an easy fix, the hardest part may be identifying the leak, but a good plumber and the meter trick is your way out. The secret is to turn off all the pipes in the home, then check the meter to see if it’s still reporting water usage. Your plumber can help you take it from there.

Storage Areas

All storage areas should be kept neat and clean, if they are multi-purpose, such as garages, then the main purpose should be accommodated i.e. A garage should have space for a car. Special care should also be taken to ensure that these areas don’t become harbors for pests which may become a problem due to the secluded nature of a jumbled storage area.

One section that is also often considered is ceiling repair. Professional ceiling repairs service Perth is likely to be a better bet than self-repair not just due to the safety factor, (injuries from amateur roof repairers are a cyclical thing every year) but also as a result of the stakes involved in an amateur roof repair. If done wrong, you’d have wasted money on materials, possibly damaged the roof and stood the chance of damaging the inside of the house if it rains, or snows before you can get professionals in. My advice? Get the professionals in from the start!

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