Robotic Lawn Mowers Explained


Sounds like something out of Star Wars, right? Although lord knows where you’re going to find a lawn of any kind on any spaceships! So what exactly is a robotic lawn mower and how does it operate? Well, this type of lawn mower is one which has been specially designed to mow the lawn automatically, without any assistance from a human.

This robot machine can be simply programmed with the right data which it will then use to mow the lawn on a routine schedule and even at the wished for height. Today’s retail prices for robotic lawnmowers differ, all depending on the amount of area they can cover, and are currently available from those retailers whom specialise in lawn care.

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How does it Work?

The working parts of a robotic lawn mower are all quite simple. The device moves on wheels, allowing for it to navigate the lawn, along with sensors that are used to detect any fluctuations in terrain, fences, foliage and flowerbeds, all of which naturally don’t need mowing.

A number of models come with a set of sensors which interface with each other fitted at particular zones to tell the robot to stop mowing. There are also smart sensors on the mower which turn it off when children and/or pets are nearby.

Matters of Power

Usually, this robot comes with a charging station that can easily be installed any place where there is an electrical socket. There are various others which are solar powered, which charge themselves up as they move around the lawn doing their job.

  • These wonderful robots can be programmed to cut the lawn at set periods, and even at certain lawn heights.
  • The majority have a container to collect clippings so that there’s no raking required after a cutting.

Silence is Golden

Different to fuel powered lawnmowers, robotic lawnmowers are extremely quiet, and can be put to good use even at night without any chance of disturbing any neighbours!

There are some folk who programme the machines for night time use so that it doesn’t get in the way on the lawn during the day. Such night time mowing operations are also used at places such as golf courses, so that golfers can enjoy a full course during the day.

Why Should You Want One?

Well, it will save you a lot on costs, whether you have a commercial landscaping business, or simply paying someone to mow your lawn. Because many people find mowing their lawn with distaste, the robotic lawn mower is a handy addition to their collection of lawn care tools.

The mower can also be programmed to work when homeowners are away, which not only keeps the lawn in great shape, but is superb for home security, as a nicely cut lawn displays to wannabe burglars that somebody is around to cut it.

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