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Architectures form an integral part of our lives especially when it comes to building construction.

 If you want to build a house, whether residential or for business, these are the people you need to contact as they are involved in almost all the steps or phases of construction until everything is done.

 From planning to designing to constructing, this is their areas of expertise hence they need to be consulted if you want a beautiful design and a high quality touch for your building.

Before one can become a fully fledged architect, you will need to undergo a seven year training course in design, specification and construction of buildings.

You will also need to pass the professional practice exams as this is the final stage of training.

In Edinburgh, you will find several architectural companies providing different services always ready to serve you or help you out with your construction problems.

These companies are always willing to provide their clients with friendly and professional services from the time of meeting until the end of the work.

These companies will always be more than ready to perform personal surveys and can also produce many different design proposals for you to consider.

Others might go as far as recommending for you some good structural engineer network that can help you with any specification the council might need. Below are some services provided by Edinburg architects.

Edinburgh Architectural services

  1. Architectural design

Many architectural companies in Edinburgh, like Douglas Strachan Architects, always enjoys constructing buildings which provide simple yet elegant with highly functional solutions.

You can also get demanding complex buildings that can stand the test of time and improve the conditions of those using it, whether living in it, visiting or even working in it.

This is usually done through some process that includes testing ideas and collaborating with professional consultants, client team, the community and also the end users.

  1. Interior design and space planning

The companies also have a team specifically formed to take care of your interior design and space issues.

The team will always create a highly inspirational and functional space suitable for work, learning or even living in. These people are always highly experienced and know how to incorporate brand values when designing your work place thus providing you with and uplifting ideal place to work in.

The team will work with you closely to understand your business. This helps them in providing a superb individual working place that reflects both your current and future needs.

Check this article for more interior design tips.

  1. Urban Design and master Planning

Most of these companies have just enough experience required to deliver large urban design and master planning projects throughout Edinburgh.

The team is often motivated by regeneration prospects hence they are always looking forward to creating communities that are sustainable and can influence their surroundings positively.

A project like this mostly includes integration of existing or historical buildings or infrastructures. All these always rely on the team’s ability make or shape the place to provide an inspiring physical and environmental development context.

  1. Feasibility study

The companies will also take it upon themselves to do a feasibility study where they will survey and come up with concept sketches. This is an important part of the process since it helps in solidifying the direction which the project will take.

Once the tea is done with the survey, they will come up with a brief through and discuss on it before designing different options for you to pick from.

This will help to in ensuring that everything else is in order and so the work will run smoothly after you have picked the perfect design you think is suitable for you.

  1. Planning permission

Of course you are going to need a planning permission if you want to erect a building, change the use of an existing building or even making a change to the building.

Some companies would be more than glad to assist you with this problem. They will always advice you on this by providing the local authorities with the relevant application and documents.

This process is usually monitored and changes can be made where necessary to ensure that everything runs smoothly. In many cases, this process takes about two months while for large complex projects it can go for up to four months.

Well, if you are in Edinburgh and you are looking to hire an architect or just an architectural company, here are a few things you should take into consideration.

Things to consider

  • Talk to other experienced architects and let them refer you to a good architectural company or an architecture they have worked with before.
  • You should confirm that they posses knowledge of building regulations and planning permission from the local authority.
  • Contact two or three architects and they should be able to visit you before to discuss about the project.
  • Discuss your budget range with them. Make sure you know whether the cost agreed on will cater for some additional features or even decoration.
  • Confirm with the company what services they provide.
  • Ask about their experience or even their previous work. This should be accompanied by feedbacks from various clients they have worked for in the past.
  • Make sure you always meet with the architect at the site where you want to build to ensure that they understand your project details.
  • Also, you should be able to discuss with them about your style.


What we have discussed above is basically some processes involved when you want to put up a new building.

As we had already said, architects are among important people in the society today. If you see a beautiful building design somewhere or even some amazingly renovated old house, they are the people behind it.

However, one key thing behind a successful project is constant communication and safety during the project.

This is what makes architectural companies in Edinburgh to be ranked among the best as they know how to take care of their clients’ needs.

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