What You Need to Know About Roof Restoration in Adelaide


The roof of your house is exposed to a number of harmful atmospheric elements. From the harsh rays of the sun to the chemically-induced acid rain that falls from the sky, there are plenty of different ways your roof can get damaged. Over the passage of time, you might begin noticing cracks on the ceiling in your house. This might indicate a leak in the roof, which allows water to seep in through the walls. If the water isn’t dried out quickly, it might cause widespread damage.

If there are leaks in the roof and you feel that the roof is losing its colour, it might be time for a full-scale restoration. Proper roof restoration costs a significant amount of money, depending primarily upon the extent of damage. The roof tends to deteriorate over time, so you will need to hire a roofing specialist for restoration purposes. Before you hire a company that offers roof restoration in Adelaide, here are a few things that you should know.

How Does Restoration Work?

If you live in an area where the weather conditions tend to turn extreme, you might need to get your roof sealed after restoration as well. When the roofing specialists arrive at your place, they will inspect the roof carefully. They will check for any leaks and damage to the roof before giving you a full quote for the amount of work to be done. In some cases, your roof might need to be shingled or tiled again. The company will replace all broken tiles on the roof and make sure that it looks as good as new.

Over the passage of time, dust and grime tends to settle on the roof as well. The workers will use a high pressure cleaner in order to make the roof clean, after which they will start the re-bedding process. All old mortar from the roof will be removed and, the roof will be prepared for bedding and recapping.

The ridge caps will then be installed on new mortar and allowed to settle, thus creating a stronger foundation. The ridge capping is then reinforced using additional material, so that it lasts significantly longer.

The Coating System

Once the roof has been properly restored, the next step is to apply a roof coat in order to prolong the life of the roof. Reputable companies generally develop their own coating systems, which add a layer of protection on the roof. This helps prevent damage from extreme weather conditions. The first step is the application of acrylic resin on the roof, after which a sealant is applied to prevent the growth of moss and lichen on the roof. Finally, an anti-fungicide and UV protection coating will be added to the roof to enhance its lifespan. The coating will offer much greater protection to the roof, and prevent any excessive damage. You can rest assured that your roof won’t leak for at least the next few years!

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