A Brief Guide for Ordering Scaffold Towers


Scaffolding towers are generally used in the construction industry. They are used to provide support to the workers as they climb up the sides of a partially finished building to complete their work. Proper scaffolding must be installed around the structure in order to provide support to the construction workers. Scaffolding towers are usually custom-made, consisting of a series of different pipes that are connected to each other and a firm base. Scaffolding towers can be taken apart after a project has been completed, making it easy for construction workers to set up the tower in different positions however they see fit.

An ordinary scaffold tower is usually constructed out of aluminium. The reason aluminium is so widely used is because it’s extremely durable and lightweight. The scaffolding tower can be moved and set in different positions with minimal effort. Most scaffolding towers also have roller wheels at the bottom.

Once the tower has been set in place, you can just lower the base to fix the scaffolding tower in position. Many companies also sell DIY aluminium scaffolding towers that you can set up on your own. Even though scaffolding towers are mostly used by construction companies, many homeowners also purchase scaffolding towers for use at home. They can be used for painting the walls or reaching objects at greater heights. Here’s a brief guide for ordering scaffolding towers.

Custom or Readymade

You can either buy custom or readymade scaffolding towers. Custom towers are designed for use in specific projects. You can provide the dimensions of the tower to the company, and the company will fabricate a scaffolding tower based on your requirements. However, many companies also provide DIY readymade scaffolding towers. You can just browse their collections of different scaffolding towers and place an order. Most companies fabricate scaffolding towers from stainless steel or aluminium. The prices vary depending upon the material and the size of the scaffolding tower.

If you are unsure of the quality of the material or the dimensions of the scaffolding tower, you can also visit the company’s showroom and inspect the scaffolding towers on your own. There are strict guidelines that must be followed when setting up a scaffolding tower. Local building councils have provided guidelines for using scaffolding towers. If you are going to carry heavy weights on the scaffolding towers, you will need a reinforced scaffolding tower.


The prices of scaffolding towers vary depending upon where you buy from. If you are ordering a scaffolding tower, you should request quotes from at least two or three providers before making a decision. Industrial scaffolding towers are built to last, so it’s a long-term investment for construction workers. It’s important to note that most companies that sell scaffolding towers ship the towers after removing the components and separating the pipes. You will need to follow the given instructions in order to set up the scaffolding tower. Make sure that the locks are in place before climbing up!

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