History and Hydromassage


In the 1910s, Giocondo Jacuzzi and his brothers started a company dedicated to building aircrafts. The type of aircrafts they created made extensive use of laminated wood for their elements. Though they were quality airplanes and propellers, they never saw much use by civilians or by the United States government. As a result, they had to pare down their offerings. Eventually the Jacuzzi brothers were only offering laminated wooden propellers. Still, they had trouble staying afloat. In a few years, one of the Jacuzzi brothers had the idea of using what they had learned to build water jets to help ease arthritis pain. Thus, the first hot tub was born, and the name Jacuzzi became synonymous with these tubs.


Hydromassage is the practice of using water to massage away pain. Hydromassage works in a few ways. For one, the pressure of the jets loosens muscles and drives blood to the muscles. When blood comes out to the muscles, it helps to deliver white blood cells that fight inflammation and sweep away the elements that cause pain, which helps reduce pain and speeds up the healing process. Furthermore, hydromassage works because of the heat of the water. Hot tubs, spas, and whirlpools in GL12 all owe their creation to the Jacuzzi brothers.

Water Heat

The heat of the water works in a similar way to the pressure of the water. The heat helps to dilate the blood vessels and speed along the process of recovery. It is a very effective way to reduce pain and inflammation. Such a practice is also great for the healing process. Finally, it just feels great to experience a hydromassage.

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