When You Need a Plasterer


Are you planning the construction of an outside wall? Do you need your ceiling resurfaced? If so, it might be time for you to contact a plasterer. As suggested through the name, plasterers are tradespeople whose expertise lies within anything plaster-related. Plasterers can restore and build walls, floors, and ceilings as well as decorate fixtures and outdoor walls.

When Do You Need One?

You might need to consider plasterers in SN1 if you require any of the following work:

  • Wall or ceiling restoration
  • Refinishing of a wall or ceiling
  • Screed (mixture of cement and sand) floor application
  • Creation of cornices or other decorative finishes
  • Construction of a new wall

In addition to this list of common jobs, plasterers can also provide a dry lining service. This describes the construction of an indoor wall or floor partition with plasterboard. Not every plasterer offers this service but larger firms can typically provide a wider range that includes dry lining.

Professional Benefits Over DIY

When you only require a smaller plaster application and aesthetics are not a major concern, you might be tempted to tackle this yourself. However, more complex jobs are usually beyond a homeowner’s level of knowledge or expertise. Not only is plastering draining physically but it is a highly precise and skilled trade.

Unless you are confident in your prior plastering experience, it’s probably best to leave this up to a skilled professional. This can save you a lot of unnecessary time and potentially money as well as ensure a job well done.


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