Sofa Serenity – 6 Tips For Turning Your Home Into A Private Sanctuary


Privacy is bliss, as it allows you to truly relax and not worry about the intruding eyes of the outside world. Home is so relaxing for just this reason, with lockable doors and private rooms in which you can be yourself safely. Sometimes, however, a person’s home is not as private and secure as one believes it to be, and relaxing at home can be harder than appears reasonable.

While you can solve this issue by simply going online to browse a range of blockout eyelet curtains, there are other ways that can help to increase your privacy at home to a greater level, and we’ve compiled a list of them in the hopes that it allows you to relax more at home.


Blackout Curtains


Blackout curtains are a kind of drape that blocks out 100% of the light coming in from whatever window they’re installed on. They allow nightshift workers to sleep comfortably in the middle of the day, but they can also be used to create a highly-effective visual barrier between yourself and the outside world.


Hedged Yard


For someone with an exposed front yard, hedges can be a reliable and beautiful way to hide the front of your home. Taking a while to grow, you will likely have to put up with a lack of privacy for several years before your hedges reach proportions that are able to form a solid barrier. This makes many people uncomfortable, as it’s easier to move house or find other, faster ways to erect cover for your home, however none of these other methods quite bring the same beauty as a living, growing hedge.


Tall Fences


Fences are present at almost every enclosed modern home, as they present a security adage that can seriously boost the attractiveness of your home in a future sale. As an added bonus to the sale price of your home, planning a taller fence for your public boundary can give you more privacy and an added peace of mind as well, making it a wonderful option for consideration.


Frosted Windows


Where regular windows fall short in privacy matters, being completely transparent, frosted windows excel. A barrier of frosted film is applied to average, everyday windows and, while the light can still enter and exit just as effectively, all transparency is completely gone. The result is a largely opaque window with just enough transparency to allow it to function as a light source, and a new point of privacy.


Lace Curtains


For a simpler, more old-fashioned solution to your privacy problems, lace curtains can offer daytime protection while still allowing light to enter. With their white colouration and complex patterns, light is diffused through them, making them opaque from the outside but clear from the inside, giving you added privacy. The only downside is that is doesn’t work the same way at night, as the source of light is the inside of the home.


Secure Perimeter


Finally, a secure perimeter is the best source of privacy for your home, as it prevents anyone from entering your property without you knowing. A lockable, automatic gate for your car and a lockable gate from the public footpath is a great way to keep people away from your windows and other points of view into your home. It might seem extreme, but it also offers added home security, making your home more secure, as well as more private.

With these tips, your house can be more private and more secure, which is the goal of any homeowner. Waste no more time with worrying about who might be watching, and start increasing your privacy today.

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