A Guide to Green Living Walls


There is no doubt that living wall systems have a wow factor. Architects and designers absolutely love the challenge of creating green walls where aesthetically designed exterior living walls can bring a major talking point to any home. Interior living walls are now also taking off in a big way – and yes, they are very much possible in just about any home.

Green walls or green roofs – an entire new concept can easily be integrated into your home. It is possible to introduce ivy screens which come ready made up and offer an economical and instant green wall living experience. To see many more concepts and other living wall systems, take a look at the instant vertical green systems to be found at Scotscape online.

Green Roofs – A Living System Right on Top of Your Building

Green and living roof are also becoming a popular choice for many businesses and hotels, where entire landscape roofing projects create an intensive system of bedding and planting. There are also extensive roof systems that are lighter with less planting and an easier maintenance level. Bio-diverse roofing systems offer an environmentally sustainable choice where bedding is allowed to seed reproduce at its own rate of growth.

Modular roof systems provide a ready-made solution to green living on your rooftop. They are fairly lightweight, well-drained using a dedicated system and are pre-established for pitched roofs. Substrate, filtration and vegetation simply come together to provide an aesthetically pleasing rooftop in an instant.

Maintaining a Green Roof System

Like all living walls, green roofs and ivy screens, a certain degree of maintenance is required. Scotscape provide a full product warranty once you accept any maintenance agreements.

Living Walls Becoming a City Favourite

The recent introduction to all of us in the availability of camera/ video drones will reveal many of the major cities in the United Kingdom are creating rooftops with a green and environmentally-friendly edge to them. London, Manchester, Bristol and Birmingham have all seen an increase in living wall systems, green roof to top off the interior plants within a medium-sized building and interior living walls in many of the rooms within that building.

Are There Any Real Benefits to Living Wall Systems?

Without a doubt. The qualities of these green systems includes improving surrounding air, assists business to promote environmentally-friendly credentials and to offer a micro solution to the urban heat trapping effect (there is also a lot of nonsense written about them).

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