Cedar Shingle Siding Repair: How to Replace a Shingle


The aesthetic value of cedar siding does not guarantee that the siding would last for a longer time. You need to replace it during any period when it gets damaged. Therefore, it is very important to make some preparation before time so you would not worry at the time of installation. Buying the replacement shingle is as necessary as you remind yourself that you need to replace the existing one.

The matching shingles is also a challenging task in case you want to replace a smaller part. Replacing the whole cedar siding would be much better. You need to shop around to see the price which matches with your budget. Stripping the old shingle would require usage of a number of tools that you can see in your home or you can buy it from the shop in average rate.

Materials required for Project:

  1. A crow bar.
  2. Matching replacement shingles.
  3. Medium sized shingles.
  4. Hacksaw and roofing nails.

We cannot ignore the beauty of cedar siding that pushes house owner towards purchasing the siding for their house. The durability of cedar siding is also appreciable but it is also a fact that the siding loosens and reduces its quality after a certain period. Everyone wants his/her house to look beautiful. Lose siding never looks attractive and therefore it raises the need of replacing it with new pieces of siding.

Remove the Old Shingles:

Keenly observe the shingles and siding that are being affected by the heavy rain and hail storm. You will see that some of the shingles are torn off and some are still there in exterior part of siding. Use a crowbar for taking out the damaged shingles and the remove the shingles. Remember that you need to replace the shingles from the part which is damaged. It means that you have to be very careful in not touching the undamaged one. Take off the nails and then work on the shingles. Use a hacksaw for taking the nails off and then put the shingles down.

Add the new Shingle:

The second step is replacing shingles through adding the spare siding or the new siding. Use the help of some assistant for placing the shingle in the position and place where you have just torn off the damaged one. Keep in view that the bottom of the shingle is out with all the other shingles.

Nail the Shingles:

Once you have placed the shingle in the right direction and place, you have to nail the shingles in the corners that you can see on the top side. Do not strike above the shingles as it would result breaking. One careless attempt can ruin your efforts so be careful and focused in this step. Set close all the shingles with the help of nails and without pressing them in the shingles. Tap the hammer in the shingle gently avoiding overload on it. Repeat the process with all the shingles.

Finish up the work:

You have to let the shingle rest and hide the nails with the other layer of the shingle. Pressing the wood is a good approach so perform this task in the opposite bottom of the shingle. Push the shingles gently so they would rest in a certain position.

Cedar shingle is easy if you take each step carefully but if you would ignore even small thing, you can mess up with the things around you. The help from assistant would prove very good if you are replacing a large portion. If cedar shingle sidings of your house are damaged and beyond repair then in that case you really need to contact professional Michigan siding contractors for an expert advice.

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