How to Choose the Best Lighting System for Conference or Meeting Rooms?


Proper lighting at a place helps in uninterrupted working and creating the right mindset in people. Unlike other rooms of an office, the lighting of a conference room is quite complicated. There are various factors that one has to consider when choosing the perfect lighting system for this place.

What factors do you need to think when choosing a lighting system?

When planning to invest in a lighting system, there are a few aspects of it that you need to consider. Conference room design ideas are designed on factors such as intensity of light, the placement of fixtures, change of lighting requirements, etc.

Light intensity

The conference table is the centerpiece of any company. It is the place where new strategies are formed, tasks followed up, projects are discussed, video conferences are held, and several other important things for a company. For carrying out all these tasks efficiently, lighting is very important.

The European Union (EU) has drawn up a few recommendations in relation to the lighting abilities of meeting rooms in the company. According to this recommendation, a meeting table has to have a light intensity of approximately 500 lux with a CRI (color rendering index) of 80 Ra.


The objective of a lighting system is to balance the light on the meeting table uniformly. This is the reason why the fixtures have to be aligned in accordance to the shape of the conference table. For conference rooms that have small sized square tables, one fixture is enough to perform the job. Whereas meeting rooms that have large sized or more tables, need more fixtures to light the place efficiently.


The purpose of meeting rooms is not just limited to conducting conference calls or project based discussion and interactive sessions. They are also used for giving presentations etc. A lighting system for different activities has to be different. The flexibility it gives to a place will make the activity more impactful. In such a scenario, dimmable lighting is recommended.

In this type of lighting, lighting source can be dimmed above the meeting table to make the presentation delivery much more effective. Dimmable lighting draws attention towards the speaker and also provides sufficient space to take notes. Such lighting sources can be switched off when viewing video presentations. Doing this makes the screen easily readable.


A lighting source should provide sufficient coverage to all the key regions of the space. It should make sure that everyone present within that area feels involved.

Focus on company’s brand

Lighting system should be used in such a way that it emphasizes the brand, logo and message of the company. You need to select the right fixtures that reflect the colors or customized gobos of the company. It should bring the focus of everyone who ever enters the place to the logo of the company.


Whether it is an event, a retail store or a conference room, the quality of lighting system can make a memorable experience for a person.  These are some of the very beneficial tips that will definitely help one in fine tuning the meeting room lighting r

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