Major Flood or Simple Leak, Don’t Wait


Water damage is one of the most dangerous problems a home can have. The puddle in the basement from the washing machine, dampness under a kitchen or bathroom sink or a leaky hose on your patio may seem innocuous at first and not an emergency issue, but think again. Water provides the environment for mold and mildew to grow whether it is sloshing on a floor or dampness in a wall. You may need an atlanta plumber before the problem worsens.

Emergency Repair

Water damage is considered an emergency problem. The reason is that water can become toxic in as little as 48 hours. There are three main stages of water, including dampness, starting with potable water. This is the water for drinking and cooking. Next is gray water, which is runoff from your shower, kitchen sink, washing machine, garden and more. Black water is from your toilet and has been exposed to fecal matter including sewage and water that has animal dung in it.

If an outside tap is leaking so that the wall is always damp, you may think that the water is clean because it comes from the tap. However, it does not stay clean for long. Even potable white water can become black water when it has been exposed to the air, a ceiling, a carpet or floor in as little as 48 hours. Black water is full of harmful bacteria and pathogens that can cause disease. Once mold starts to grow, it gives off spores that circulate inside you home through the heating and air conditioning vents. These spores can cause respiratory problems and are especially harmful to people with allergies and asthma.

Professional Repair

When you find damp spots in your home due to leaking pipes or taps, you should not wait to get it fixed. When your toilet overflows, it is obvious you need an Atlanta plumbing service, but the same care should be taken for even the smallest leak. No one knows better than an Atlanta plumbing service how serious water issues can be, so they will arrive quickly to fix your toilet, water heater, dishwasher or any other plumbing issue that may cause water damage to your home.

There is a good reason why plumbing issues need emergency repair. Even the smallest leak can result in dampness that grows mold and mildew. Your plumbing service in Atlanta will send a professional team of licensed, highly trained technicians that have the knowledge and experience to fix your plumbing problems right the first time. Do not be fooled by a tiny drip. Get it repaired while it is still harmless and has not yet caused a major health concern inside your home.

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